Buying Diamonds with Confidence | Diamond Buying Guide
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Buying Diamonds with Confidence

diamondsBuying with Confidence

If you know absolutely nothing about how to buy a diamond, you're in good company. Most people know little about the characteristics of diamonds or how to make an educated purchase.

Of course, that’s why we’re here. Our job is first and foremost to inform you, the buyer, when you shop for jewelry. We are passionate about connecting shoppers with educated and ethical jewelers so they have peace of mind while shopping for that important purchase.

We have precise standards for evaluating diamond quality, commonly known as the 4Cs: Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat Weight. These standards make it easy to compare different diamonds and understand their value.

Diamond Grading

To make buying diamonds even easier, the American Gem Society Diamond Grading Standards was created to evaluate three of the four value factors—Cut, Color and Clarity—on its own 0-10 scale.

The scales begin at 0 (zero), the highest grade, and go down to 10, the lowest. When you take these three factors and combine it with the carat weight, you get the final AGS Grade.

When buying diamonds, don’t just rely on the sparkle in the store. Ask to see the American Gem Society Laboratories’ diamond grading report so you can judge all the inherent factors that give the diamond its value.

Find an AGS Jeweler or learn more about the AGS diamond grading system.

Mission Statement

The American Gem Society (AGS) is a nonprofit trade association of fine jewelry professionals dedicated to setting, maintaining and promoting the highest standards of ethical conduct and professional behavior through education, accreditation, recertification of its membership, gemological standards, and gemological research.

The Society is committed to providing educational products to inform and protect the consumer and to contributing to the betterment of the trade by creating industry standards to protect the jewelry-buying public and the fine jewelry industry as a whole.

AGS Laboratories, founded to support the AGS mission, is a nonprofit diamond grading laboratory with a mission of consumer protection. Adhering to the AGS Diamond Grading Standards, AGS Laboratories is dedicated to offering diamond grading reports that provide consistency and accuracy based on science.

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