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Opal Minded, a renowned jewelry brand specializing in exquisite opal creations, is thrilled to announce its exciting lottery in celebration of October, the month of opal, the Australian birthstone. The highlight of this lottery is the chance to win a stunning opal necklace, “Little Decadence,” designed by Opal Minded’s esteemed Creative Director, Dr. Renata Bernard.

The “Little Decadence” opal pendant features a dazzling Winton boulder opal weighing 2.28 carats, showcasing its mesmerizing and unique patterning. This timeless pendant design boasts a graded cluster of sparkling diamonds on its bail, all set in 18K yellow gold. The pendant’s simple elegance is both refined and subtly captivating, allowing the wearer to enjoy a touch of decadence.

Valued at an impressive $AU 13,200.00 ($USD 8,480.00), this pendant is an extraordinary collector’s item as a limited edition of one. To ensure its authenticity, the pendant comes with an issued Certificate of Authenticity, detailing its characteristics. In addition, Opal Minded offers a life-long complimentary opal care service, ensuring the pendant’s beauty lasts a lifetime.

Entering the lottery is simple, presenting an opportunity for opal enthusiasts around the world to participate. Here’s how to enter:

  1. Like and share the designated Opal Minded post on social media platforms to share the love for opals.
  2. Tag two friends who have an affinity for opals.
  3. Visit the Opal Minded website or follow the provided link to subscribe for a chance to win:

Entries for the lottery will close on the 31st of October (Sydney, Australia time), allowing ample time for participants to join in the excitement. The lucky winner will be announced on the 1st of November, receiving the prized opal pendant, and becoming the envy of opal aficionados everywhere.

Opal Minded takes pride in creating exquisite opal jewelry that captures the essence and beauty of this birthstone. With its lottery to celebrate October in style, Opal Minded invites individuals to indulge in the allure of opals and embrace a touch of decadence. Don’t miss this opportunity to own a truly remarkable piece of opal jewelry.

For more information, please visit the Opal Minded website or contact our opal specialist at [email protected].