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Supplier Spotlight: Jack Abraham – The Precious Collection

Thursday, September 13, 2018  
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Jack AbrahamWhen you speak with Jack Abraham, owner of Jack Abraham – The Precious Collection, you can hear, even feel, the passion he has for colored gemstones and the jewelry industry. His exuberance is contagious, whether he’s conversing about precious gems, the trade, or his family and long-time friends.

Since 1979, Jack has provided the industry with rubies, sapphires, and emeralds that are carefully (and lovingly) handpicked with his discerning eye. He has always been dedicated to and a pioneer of full disclosure of origin and enhancement.

When working with a client, Jack always gives a clear description of the physical aspects of what he is selling, disclosing everything there is to know about the gemstone; a valuable lesson he learned from the late Bert Krashes, former vice president and director of GIA’s New York lab from 1977 through 1988.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has consulted Jack to help review outdated documents and get his opinion on pricing of precious gemstones. Retailers, and sometimes consumers, will ask Jack about gemstones they have received or plan to purchase.

Zambia Emerald
Zambian Emerald

Jack doesn’t consider himself a gemologist. He is a connoisseur of gemstones. He sells only to wholesalers, manufacturers and retailers to avoid any possible conflict of interest and to keep the channels of distribution intact.

Jack was born in Afghanistan, lived in Israel, and then England. In 1962, he came to New York to join his brother and advance his education. He attended Pace University and then became involved in the family business, sorting gemstones from India and Thailand.

For a few years, he moved away from jewelry and worked in the fashion industry as a dealer of fine sheepskin coats from Turkey and Afghanistan. Alas, the love of precious gemstones brought him back to the gem trade, and he founded his own business, Precious Gem Resources D/B/A, Jack Abraham – The Precious Collection, in 1979.

The American Gem Society asked Jack Abraham a few more questions about himself and his love for this industry.


Could you tell us about your company’s motto?

My company is built on this motto, which should take place in this exact order: Professionalism must be 100%. Trust is developed once the professionalism is established. Integrity must be kept once you earn the trust. Anyone who works with me is asked to always keep this motto in mind.


What do you love most about precious gemstones?

Color, color, color! Red is my favorite! When looking at a stone, I become a small atom and I swim in the color. About 25-30 years ago, I remember the exact reaction I had to an eight carat, no-heat ruby: “Where have you been all my life!” I even remember where I was sitting when I said it!


Pigeon Blood Burma Ruby
Pigeon Blood Burma Ruby
"Lotus Flower" Burma Ruby
Centurion Design Award Winner

You had another career in mind before entering the jewelry industry. What was it?

I wanted to be involved in space exploration. When I was in school in England, I was best friends with the founder of SanDisk, Eli Harari. We were sitting at our desk, next to each other and sketching designs for SST supersonic jets. We’re still good friends to this day!


What are your plans for the future of Jack Abraham – The Precious Collection?

I have four children, but none of them are in this industry. My nine grandchildren are between the ages of one and twelve years, so I’m hoping one of them might take an interest!

I’ve been asked many times why I’m not retiring. My gemstones are like my children. I enjoy looking at them, holding them and enjoying them. To me, retirement would be like ending my involvement with my family. Why would I do that?


 Ceylon Sapphires
Ceylon Sapphire
Ceylon Sapphire


Give us the two top reasons why you enjoy your AGS membership.

Educating suppliers, retailers, and the consumer about precious gems is important to me. I love this industry and I want to give back to it. The AGS is one of the associations that gives me the ability to do that. I also love the networking and camaraderie between the members!


Can you tell us a little more about how you want to give back to the industry?

I’m creating a program to help AGS members succeed in the sale of precious colored gems. It will involve sharing the information and experience I have gained in the building of a magnificent Ruby and Sapphire collection. I want AGS members to benefit from all of this. This industry has been good to me and this is how I want to give back.


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