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Mark Your Calendar for JFC Day!

Tuesday, August 14, 2018  
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Jewelers for Children (JFC) Day logoMark your calendars for the first annual JFC Day, September 29, 2018. The day is for all supporters of Jewelers for Children (JFC)—as well as for potential new ones—to celebrate the success of the industry’s support for children in need, and raise visibility and funds for the charity. JFC Day is the brainchild of Steven Vardi, a JFC board member who helped develop the concept along with JFC’s Marketing Committee.

“We’ll be asking all of our current supporters to focus their efforts on JFC Day, helping us to educate consumers about the good the industry is doing, and we’ll also look for companies to run some type of fundraising activity on that Saturday as a nationwide effort for children in need,” said Vardi.

Suppliers for the industry will be asked to reach out to their retail customers and ask them to participate in the celebration. Many will be offering partnership programs for the day.

Retailers will be asked to reach out to their customer base to educate them about JFC and invite them to participate in whatever activity the retailer has planned for September 29.

Everyone will be asked to use their social media presence to promote the day, particularly on that Saturday to encourage nationwide exposure for the charity.

JFC will provide participants with materials to promote the day, as well as ideas on how they can participate. Support will include trade ads, sample social media, customer communications, and in-store signage.

“It’s exciting that as we celebrate our 20th anniversary, we launch JFC Day,” said Pamela Mortensen, JFC board chair. “This will become an annual campaign to raise the visibility of JFC and the amazing work that the jewelry industry is doing by supporting the charity. Tens of thousands of children have benefited from the good we do and we need to share that message with the consumer.”

If you are interested in participating in JFC Day, you can sign up by visiting the JFC website at or contact JFC at 212-687-2949 or


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