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Get to Know Your Brown Diamond

Tuesday, May 15, 2018  
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AGS Laboratories® recently unveiled their new Colored Diamond Document, a grading report that presents the technical aspects and nuances of colored diamond grading to jewelry buyers with easy-to-understand verbiage and graphics.

Brown diamonds will no longer be described simply as “a brown diamond,” but will be communicated in an easy-to-understand visual way, highlighting the nuances within the diamond’s color. For example, a diamond with even distribution of brown throughout and hints of orange, could be described as a deep, rich, brown diamond with moderate orange accents.

Click the image below to view the AGS Laboratories® Colored Diamond Document.

AGS Laboratories Colored Diamond Document


“Brown diamonds are beautiful and are an alternative choice to the more traditional colorless diamonds. They are also trending as an affordable choice for fine jewelry,” said Jason Quick, Laboratory Director at AGS Laboratories. “We recognized a growing need in the market and decided to create a tool that will truly enhance consumers’ buying experience.”

AGS Laboratories encourages jewelry buyers who are shopping for diamonds to always ask for a diamond grading report from an independent third-party laboratory so that they can better understand the quality of the diamond they are buying. To find an American Gem Society retailer, visit

To learn more about AGS Laboratories Colored Diamond Document, visit

Here are a few designs we love from members of the American Gem Society that feature brown diamonds.

Brown diamond ring by ASBA USA, Inc.
Brown diamond ring, by ASBA USA, Inc.
Brown diamond ring by ASBA USA, Inc.
Brown diamond ring, by ASBA USA, Inc.
Brown diamond earrings by Dilamani
Brown diamond earrings, by Dilamani.
Brown diamond bangle by Dilamani
Brown diamond bangle, by Dilamani.
Brown diamond necklace by Lika Behar Collection
Brown diamond necklace, by Lika Behar Collection.
Brown diamond ring by Lika Behar Collection
Brown diamond ring, by Lika Behar Collection.


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