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Supplier Spotlight: M. Geller LTD

Monday, January 22, 2018  
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This month, the Spectra Update “Supplier Spotlight” is on Louis Price, COO of M. Geller LTD.

M. Geller was founded in 1984 by Marc Geller, with the principles of honesty, knowledge and great service to their customers. Those principles have stood by this AGS supplier since the beginning, and they consider it their success---a principle that guides them still today.

We asked Louis about some of the business philosophies and strategies of this valued AGS supplier.


SU: Louis, what best practices does M. Geller utilize and what inspired you and the team to implement them?

Louis: Helping our customers always comes first. Be honest and keep your promises. Build a team that works together to achieve those goals. These are long established principles of M. Geller and our most important added value.


New Dawn Lab Grown Diamonds logoSU: Is there any particular program or service that you offer that you would like to tell us about?

Louis: We ventured into the laboratory-grown diamond business over four years ago to provide a new choice and service to our customers. We are here to serve them and demand for the product was increasing. Our progress inspired us to develop and launch our own laboratory-grown brand, New Dawn Diamonds, with a complete marketing package including digital. We offer Chain of Custody tracking on all certified stones and our theme is “Diamonds for the Modern Woman.”


SU: Can you tell us more about “The Geller Advantage” and about your e-commerce programs?

Louis: The Geller Advantage is outstanding service that helps our customers achieve their best results. The combination of huge inventory, technology and most importantly, call diamond experience and expertise, saves our customers time and leads to more sales.

Digital marketing is a key focus of the marketing support for New Dawn Diamonds. Our goal is to drive interest in our product directly to our brand partners.


SU: How has being a member of the American Gem Society helped you and your business?

Louis: Our AGS membership has enhanced our reputation, reinforced our integrity, developed important relationships through networking and provided valuable, practical knowledge at Conclaves.


SU: What advice do you have for new members of the AGS?

Louis: Get involved. Take advantage of all of the services from marketing to education to the AGS Laboratories’ services. Let your customers know you are a member. Another thing we do that I recommend is that we make sure all of our marketing recognizes our membership with the AGS.

The Staff at M. Geller 
The staff at M. Geller.

SU: Conclave is coming up soon! Having been before, what are some of the insights you’ve gained and have taken back to your business?

Louis: Good examples would be learning about the benefits of the ASET® system and leadership and training lessons that we could implement in our business.


SU: What’s the best piece of professional advice you’ve ever received and what is your personal motto?

Louis: Best advice: “Execution is the key to success. Good ideas are the start. Execution is the finish.” Personal motto: “The glass is always half-full!”


SU: One last question: If you weren’t in the jewelry industry, what would you be doing?

Louis: An attorney. I like to be persuasive.


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