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Supplier Spotlight: MK Diamonds & Jewelry

Thursday, August 24, 2017  
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MK Diamonds & Jewelry

Moshe Kraiem started out in 1978 nearly 40 years ago, after first selling loose diamonds on the road for a family friend. Using passion and drive he opened MK Diamonds and Jewlery with a small loan from his Father, Solly. His dad was an accountant and later became his partner and remained as such, until his passing.

Halo pendantIn the beginning, several jewelry manufacturers gave Moshe blank mountings to set up for his customers. Multiple customers began asking him to create special orders, which expressed something new in the marketplace. It became clear to the young entrepreneur that it made a great deal more sense to start manufacturing his own bridal line.

This expansion of growth led to developing the line of MK bridal jewelry; MK diamonds fashion and the Natalie K collection followed soon thereafter. In 2012, Forevermark chose MK Diamonds & Jewelry to be one of their FMJ manufacturers.

To this day, MK Diamonds continues its tradition of maintaining large selections of loose diamonds, and they use the AGS Laboratories to certify their Ideal Square cut diamonds.

We had a chance to learn more about MK Diamonds & Jewelry from Terri Kazan, who has been with the company since 1989.

If you weren’t in the jewelry industry, what would you be doing?
It’s difficult to imagine another career since I’ve been given the gift of living my passion! If I had to choose another passion, it would have to be in the stadium of sports as a sportscaster.

Is there a particular design or piece that you’re most proud of?
How can MK Diamonds, with nearly 40 years of experience and more than 16,000 distinct designs, choose only one item? It’s nearly impossible! Our newest line of jewelry is the best since it draws upon the prior 40 years of design and talent that preceded its release. Given my experience, I’d say we are most proud of our two current lines, the complete halo, and three stone and center rings.

We do want to add that we are very proud that Forevermark has chosen our collection, Natalie K, as one of their two suppliers to design their new fourth quarter launch!

Oval halo
Three-stone halo Marquis halo

How has being a member of the American Gem Society helped you and your business?
As an active AGS supplier, it has allowed us to further our knowledge of cutting edge technologies while having our finger at the pulse of what’s currently taking place in the industry today. The members of this organization are both like-minded and captivating! To be accepted in the AGS community is a prestigious honor.

Do you leverage your AGS membership in your marketing?
We use the AGS logo on our business cards and on all of our advertising. It lets our customers know that we are affiliated with an established group of ethical jewelers.

What advice do you have for new members of the AGS?
Attending Conclave and participating in the round table discussions are essential for your growth. They enable you to meet people who are considered the best-of-the-best in the industry and can be used as a resource of information. Don’t be surprised when they will routinely make themselves available to support you!


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