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Digital Badges Help Tell Your Professional Story

The annual recertification exam is launching next month. As a member of the American Gem Society (AGS), taking your exam is just one of the many ways you prove your commitment to your clients, and it is an important one.

When you successfully pass your exam, you will receive an email indicating that you can download your digital badge, which is a visual way to tell your professional story. Your recertification badge tells your customer at one glance that you are a dedicated professional.

Once your customer clicks on your badge, they are directed to an online source that explains why you’ve earned that badge, the methods you took to achieve it, and how you are working to maintain your credentials.

It’s easy to share your digital badge. You can add them to your email signature, website, and definitely share them on your social media.

Now that you’ve learned it and earned it—share it! Show your clients who you really are: a professional credentialed and trusted jeweler.

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2021-2022 recertification badge