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IDEX Online, a global leader in the B2B diamond industry, is proud to unveil a significant upgrade to its diamond trading platform, with improved functionality and a more intuitive user experience. The upgraded platform design will allow customers to trade diamonds in a more timely and efficient way. Integrated add-ons will also be rolled out to the market in the coming months following this platform upgrade.

IDEX platform offers access to over 75% of the global polished diamond market, with the benefits of a reliable database of market data, secure transactions, end-to-end logistics, and exceptional service. It now includes a modernized homepage and simpler and more efficient workflows, such as a revamped diamond search page, an updated search results layout and diamond purchase flow for both natural and lab grown diamonds.

Along with this major platform upgrade, IDEX is announcing the launch of a game-changing financing platform to assist customers growing their business, titled “IDEX Financing.”

IDEX Financing will—for the first time in the industry—provide credit not just for online diamond purchases, but also for other general business needs.* For example, customers can now utilize IDEX Financing for office/factory renovation, building up inventory, marketing campaigns, and more. All this, in addition to financing both natural and lab grown diamond purchases on IDEX.

“Both developments underscore IDEX’s ongoing transformation into a technological powerhouse, harnessing its vast and unique database, along with proprietary technology, to drive long-awaited positive changes in the industry,” said Noam Taube, IDEX Online CEO. “IDEX’s transformation is taking place while keeping our customers’ needs as our first priority, as is evident from these recent launches,” he added.

“Dynamic shifts in the jewelry and diamond industry are prompting all market players to reassess their strategies, embrace cutting-edge technology, and redefine their business models,” said Mike Alexander, Chief Operating Officer at Jewelers Mutual. “I’m confident in IDEX’s vision and their commitment to fostering positive change by providing the technology, transparency, and financing that moves the industry forward.”

Anish Kuriakose, IDEX Online EMEA Managing Director, said: “IDEX Financing is designed to open up new opportunities for long-term business growth in an industry where it can be challenging to find finance. We understood that customers are not looking just for financing their diamond transactions. Accordingly, we have created an ecosystem of financing solutions that enables our customers to finance their long-term growth and to redefine the way businesses engage in diamond trading.”

Further Information
For further details about IDEX Financing please email [email protected] or meet us face-to-face at booth 205 at the AGS International Conclave, in Austin, Texas, USA (15 to 17 April, 2024).

For any inquiries regarding IDEX’s technology and proprietary applications, please contact us at [email protected] or meet us face-to-face at booth 205 at the AGS International Conclave, in Austin, Texas, USA (15 to 17 April, 2024).


*Available in limited locations.