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How to Find a Jeweler You Trust 

If you’re shopping for jewelry, you want to find the right jeweler. How do you find a jeweler you trust?  

There are a lot of options out there for purchasing jewelry, both in your typical brick-and-mortar jewelry store and online. But fine jewelry is an important investment, and if you’re not knowledgeable about diamonds and gemstones, you might feel a bit confused and unsure about making a purchase.  

Here are some tips for choosing a jeweler, so you feel confident. 

Find a jeweler with a good reputation.

If you want to find a local jeweler you can trust, sometimes all you need to do is ask. Talk to your friends and neighbors. See who they trust and recommend.

A couple looks into a jewelry display case and talks with a jeweler while they shop for jewelry at a store

Ratings and reviews are another, typically reliable, indicator of a good professional jeweler. You can find those reviews online or on social media. Finding consumer opinions can really bolster your confidence in the jeweler you select. 

Select a jeweler with credentials.

Look for credentials from reputable organizations when you choose a jeweler. These credentials can indicate that a professional jeweler has the education and experience to help you make a good selection. A good example of this would be a jeweler who is credentialed through the American Gem Society (AGS).  

AGS is a non-profit trade association of fine jewelry professionals. The organization began in 1934, and since that time, has been the country’s preeminent jewelry trade organization. They are dedicated to setting, maintaining and promoting the highest standards of ethical conduct and professional behavior.  

Ask about their gemological knowledge.

Talk to a prospective jeweler about their knowledge of diamonds and gemstones. You want a jeweler who has an updated education and ongoing education.  

Jewelers that are credentialed by the American Gem Society (AGS), for example, must pass an annual recertification exam to maintain their status with the organization.  

AGS jewelers maintain their knowledge through a variety of means, including our yearly educational conference called Conclave. At Conclave, our jewelers learn about the latest trends in jewelry as well as gemological information that distinguishes them from non-credentialed jewelry professionals.  

Find a jeweler near you.

If it’s time to start jewelry shopping, find an AGS jeweler near you. We make it easy with our simple Find a Jeweler tool, that helps you locate a credentialed AGS jeweler in your area.