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Guild Speaker Listing

Bryan Aderhold, CG
Nash James Enterprises LLC

Emeralds – From Mine to Market

Gem Identification – Tools and Tips

Phone: 800.518.8150
Email: [email protected]

Rob Bates
JCK Magazine

Industry News & Updates

Edward Boehm, CG

World class expert on color & gem mining

Phone: 432.752.3191
Email: [email protected]

Phillip Bosen, CGA
Bosen Associates

How to best serve the LGBTQ community

Client Advisory Boards – Utilizing your best clients to grow your business in ways you never expected

Honing your 4 C’s presentation to beat your competition and sell more diamonds

Phone: 802.777.5007
Email: [email protected]

Mike Botha, RS
Embee Diamonds

Off the Street Diamonds & Recut/Repair

Cutting Demonstrations

Phone: 306.763.3388
Email: [email protected]

Bill Boyajian
Bill Boyajian & Associates

Leadership and Business Development

Phone: 310.691.9562
Email: [email protected]

Bruce Bridges
Bridges Tsavorite

The History of Tsavorite and the Scorpion Mine

Phone: 520.907.7969
Email: [email protected]


Erica Courtney
Erica Courtney

Gemstones & Client Development

Phone: 323.938.2373
Email: [email protected]

Paula Crevoshay

Jewelry Design

James DeGroot

Speak Their Language

Create a FRIEND First

Super Clientelling

Phone: 920.492.1191
Email: [email protected]

Rachel Dery, RS
Gem Legacy

Gem Legacy: Holistic Sourcing and the People Behind Colored Gemstones

Phone: 248.933.3406
Email: [email protected]

Roger Dery, RS
& Ginger Dery, RS

Roger Dery Gem Design

Kilimanjaro, Bangkok or Tucson: Getting to the Source of Your Story

Phone: 248.545.3546
Email: [email protected]

Richard Drucker
Gemworld International, Inc.

Market Trends & Industry Issues

Pricing Methodology and Challenges

Value Factors for Colored Gems

Phone: 847.657.0555 ext. 204
Email: [email protected]

Harold Dupuy
Stuller Inc.

Industry – Facts, Figures and the Future

Lab Grown Diamonds

Phone: 337.262.7700 ext. 4463
Email: [email protected]

John Ford
Lightning Ridge Collection by John Ford

Lightning Ridge Black Opal

Inside a Jewelry Designers Mind

Sustainable Sourcing & Supply Chain

Phone: 409.771.7750
Email: [email protected] 

Eric Fritz
University of Arizona Gem and Mineral Museum

Spectroscope Training, Pearls

Phone: 520.358.7923
Email: [email protected]

Adam Graham, CSA
Joshua J. Jewelry

10 Growth Opportunities in Today’s Jewelry Industry

More info

Joel Hassler, CGA
Von Hasle Jewelers

Appraisal Basics, Advanced Appraisal Practices, Best Practices for Repair and Appraisal Departments, Operational Efficiency

Phone: 262.456.7041
Email: [email protected]

Greg Holland-Merten
HMH Consultants

Industry Security Trends, Peak Season Crime Prevention

Phone: 346.762.8653 Email: [email protected]

Steve Jermier
Wells Fargo

Credit Card Fraud

John Kennedy
& Scott Guginsky

Jewelers Security Alliance

Security in the Jewelry Industry

Contact Experience to schedule
Email: [email protected]

Randy Lightfoot, CG
Mayflower Estate Buyers & Consulting

Basics of Gemology (gem instruments & ID)

Photomicrography of Gem Inclusions

Diamond Screening & Testing

Phone: 815.342.3981
Email: [email protected]

Gail Brett Levine
National Association of Jewelry Appraisers (NAJA)

Valuing Old Style Diamonds Gems at Auction


Phone: 718.896.1536
Email: [email protected]

Andy Martin

Bringing Your Entire Jewelry Software Stack Together

Integrating Emotional Intelligence into Your CRM Strategy for Long-lasting Customer Loyalty

Cyber Security

Agile Methodologies

Data Analytics

Management Strategies

Software Trends


Phone: 479.268.3921
Email: [email protected]

Nicoloai Medvedev

Award-winning gem cutter (on display at Smithsonian)

Phone: 520.370.4165
Email: [email protected]

Mona Miller, ICGA
Pacific Gem Lab

Identifying & Appraising Period & Antique Jewelry


Jewelry Appraisal Report Writing (and more topics)

Phone: 503.274.7022
Email: [email protected]

Niveet Nagpal, CG
Omi Gems

Colored Gemstones

Building A Brand

Phone: 626.331.4533
Email: [email protected]

Renee Newman

21st Century Jade: Why it’s prized and how it’s tested and valued

Pearl update: New types, fakes, treatments and jewelry styles

Non-traditional Colored Gems; Jade: Pearls

Phone: 626.282.3781
Email: [email protected]

Dacques Nini
Dacques® Rare Beautiful Jewels

Mogôk, Myanmar, The Land of Rubies

Vietnam and Significance of Spinel

Sri Lanka’s Bounty and many more topics

Phone: 832.374.0008
Email: [email protected]

Barbara Palumbo

Jewelry & Watch Trends; Marketing to Women; Influencer Marketing

FTC Guidelines

Phone: 215.668.8995
Email: [email protected]

Jon Phillips
Corona Company

Canadian Diamonds

World Diamond Market

Phone: 416.761.5529
Email: [email protected]

Nathan Renfro
Gemological Institute of America (GIA)

Speaks to GIA/AGS joint groups

Phone: 760.603.4000 ext. 7733
Email: [email protected]

Gary Roskin
International Colored Stone Association (ICA)

Latest on Laboratory-Grown Diamonds

Diamond Grading

The Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender

The Hope and Wittelsbach Blue

Colored Gemstones

International Gem & Jewelry Trade Shows

David Rotenberg, ECGA
David Craig Jewelers

Appraisals: In depth, to the correct standard


In Store Security

Phone: 215.968.8900
Email: [email protected]

Keith Scott &
Rebecca Klein Scott

TALLsmall Productions

Several topics on Communication

Networking and Negotiation

Phone: 443.540.0125
Email: [email protected]

Shelly Sergent
Somewhere In The Rainbow Gem and Jewelry collection

Phone: 602.696.4242
Email: [email protected]


Jennifer Shaheen
Technology Therapy Group

Digging Into Digital – What’s Happening Now

Capture and Convert: Mapping the Customer Journey

eCommerce and Social Selling; Multi-channel Marketing and Tracking

Phone: 401.231.7620
Email: [email protected]

Dr. James Shigley

Dr. James Shigley
Gemological Institute of America (GIA)

Speaks to GIA/AGS joint groups

Phone: 760.603.4019
Email: [email protected]

Jeff Skaret

Changing the way we sell diamonds

Building your store brand—Who are you, What do you do, and Why?

Segmenting your market and clients for more effective marketing and sales

Putting Lab-grown diamonds in their place (understanding the current market and creating real differentiation that strengthens your credibility)

Phone: 612.325.9332
Email: [email protected]

Chris Smith
American Gemological Laboratories (AGL)

Detection and Treatments

Phone: 212.704.0727
Email: [email protected]

Ben Smithee
The Smithee Group

How to Win in the Age of Digital Experience

Phone: 817.938.0750
Email: [email protected]

Peter Stavrianidis, CGA
Venus Jewelers

Networking; Public Speaking

Team Building

Sheahan Stephen
Sheahan Stephen Sapphires Inc.

Sri Lankan Sapphire Expert

Phone: 503.805.6832
Email: [email protected]

Tiffany C. Stevens & Sara Yood, Esq.

FTC Jewelry Advertising Guidelines

Intellectual Property

Anti Money Laundering and Compliance

Sales Tax Changes

Employment Matters

Quality Control of Inventory

Undisclosed Lab Grown Diamonds

Responsible Sourcing

Phone: 212.997.2002
Email: [email protected]

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Regional Field Agents

Security in the Jewelry Industry


Contact Experience to schedule
Email: [email protected]

Wells Fargo Retail Services

Wells Fargo finance program

AGS private label credit card

Contact Experience to schedule
Email: [email protected]