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Grandview Klein Diamonds Namibia (GKD) proudly announced the provision of educational scholarships to two deserving female students from the Namibia University of Science & Technology (NUST). Ester Puye-Ipawa Ndatyoonawa Ndadi, an Electronics & Telecommunications major from the Ohangwena region and Rian Iyaloo Helao, an Environmental Health Sciences major from the Oshana region, were presented with the monies during a formal ceremony held on November 24, 2023 at NUST’s campus. The scholarships will enable these exceptional students to complete their degrees by covering their tuition costs in full.

“These scholarships signify more than financial assistance; they symbolize GKD’s steadfast dedication to creating pathways for success and dismantling barriers that hinder the pursuit of knowledge,” said Ester Hakwenye, a Director of Grandview Klein Namibia. By supporting the education of these talented individuals, GKD is investing in not only their brighter futures, but also in the prosperity of the communities they represent.”

Grandview Klein stands as a fervent advocate for the UN Sustainability Goals (SDGs), placing particular emphasis on gender equality (SDG 5) and quality education (SDG 4), both integral components of the company’s fundamental values and pursuits. With a profound dedication to advancement and uplifting women in southern Africa, GKD acknowledges the significant impact of education in shaping a more promising tomorrow. Beyond its endeavors in diamond manufacturing, the company goes the extra mile by actively channeling investments into the people of Namibia, prioritizing education and healthcare as cornerstones of its initiatives.

Moshe Klein, President of Grandview Klein Diamonds, expressed the importance of this initiative, stating, “Today marks a significant moment as we extend our support to the academic aspirations of two outstanding students at Namibia University of Science & Technology. Education is the cornerstone of development, and it is our honor to offer them these scholarships, ensuring they can complete their college education unhindered by financial constraints.”

Grandview Klein Namibia is no stranger to the provision of support to schools and other organizations in need throughout Namibia. As a matter of fact, just six months ago (May 2023), GKD and its local Namibian partners at Phillipine Angula Development Investments completely refurbished the Eros Primary School’s computer science room with all new, state-of-the-art equipment, new walls, and a ceiling, and donated sanitary ware so that the young women do not have to miss a day (often a week) of school because of personal hygiene.

Klein further emphasized, “We acknowledge that fostering talented individuals and providing them with tools and opportunities are key to nurturing Namibia’s future leaders. This is why this initiative with NUST will be the first of many to come in the future.”

Expressing gratitude during the scholarship distribution, Rian Iyaloo Helao remarked, “This scholarship not only relieves my financial constraints but also reinforces my belief in education’s power to drive long-term socio-economic growth and empowerment. I’m excited and grateful for the opportunities ahead. These scholarships inspire me to strive for excellence in my studies and contribute meaningfully to society.”

The ceremony was attended by esteemed dignitaries, members of the media, and special guests, including Dr. Lisho Mundia from the Ministry of Higher Education, Technology, and Innovation and Mr. Rehabeam Nepaya from the Ministry of Mines and Energy.