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Get to Know the Great Eight of Confluence

What do you get when you combine savvy, progressive thinking, innovation, and high-impact learning? You get the Great Eight: our awesome lineup of eight exceptional speakers at Confluence! We’ve handpicked each of these professionals for their proven strategies and out-of-the-box perspectives.

It’s time to reimagine your sales and marketing tactics, so that you can stay miles ahead of your competition. Get to know more about the visionaries and pros who will fill you with a wealth of thought-provoking ideas and methods you’ll only get at Confluence! All in a few, short hours.

Confluence 2021 speakers
Andrew Davis
Andrew Davis

Opening Keynote: Andrew Davis / Monumental Shift
Uses his infectious enthusiasm and magnetic speaking style to teach business leaders how to grow their businesses, transform their cities, and leave their legacy.

Session: Loyalty Loop: How Small Things Add Up to Big Business

In this exhilarating, 45 minute-long session, best-selling author and marketing guru, Andrew Davis, will help you harness the power of the new consumer journey. You’ll learn how to build anticipation, harness the honeymoon period, and drive moments of inspiration that result in new business. Whether you’re interested in increasing your average sale or attracting new clientele, the Loyalty Loop is designed to build a powerful engine that never sleeps.

You’ll leave inspired to re-think the way you win over new customers and transform the way you service the customers you already own.

Andrew recorded a special message for the AGS community. Click here to view it!

Akvile DeFazio

Speaker: Akvile DeFazio / AKvertise
As a conversion-driven marketer, she helps businesses expand their online visibility and reach their goals via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest ads.

Session: Leveraging Funnel-Specific Audience Targeting Tactics with Facebook/Instagram Ads

During Akvile’s presentation, attendees will learn how to properly set up sales funnels using a variety of Facebook and Instagram advertising campaign types in order to achieve their goals. In addition, attendees will learn how to set up and target various creative, innovative, and effective cold and warm audiences to reach prospective customers and drive sales, acquire leads, increase website traffic, and boost engagement rates.

Laryssa Wirstiuk
Laryssa Wirstiuk

Speaker: Laryssa Wirstiuk / Joy Joya
Founder of Joy Joya, a Los Angeles-based digital marketing agency that works exclusively with jewelry brands all over the world.

Session: How Salespeople Can Harness Social Content to Increase Sales

Today’s consumers demand a more personalized and intimate shopping experience, especially for items like jewelry that represent an emotional or milestone purchase. Social content across a number of different platforms can help you as a salesperson connect on a more personal level with customers and provide the tailored experience they crave. In this session, Laryssa Wirstiuk will explain how salespeople can effectively leverage the power of social content to increase sales and boost customer loyalty. You’ll leave with some actionable and scalable tips that you can start applying to your sales strategy today.

Zontee Hou
Zontee Hou

Speaker: Zontee Hou / Media Volery
Zontee Hou is a passionate advisor and teacher of communications. She’s the founder of the Brooklyn-based digital marketing agency, Media Volery, and head of strategy for the respected consultancy, Convince & Convert, led by Jay Baer.

Session: The Bionic Consumer: How to Build Customer Loyalty Through Behavioral Economics, Data, and Content

Ever look up a restaurant’s menu online before going out to dinner? It’s not just you. Your clients are doing the same thing and are using digital resources more than ever. They’re savvier about leveraging social media to make daily decisions. In this session, we’ll explore the pillars of how consumers consume information in the digital age, how they make decisions, and what your brand can do to win them over and maintain their loyalty.

Debbie Miller
Debbie Miller

Speaker: Debbie Miller / Social Hospitality
A marketing communications specialist who has worked in digital marketing for over 12 years. She is the founder and president of Social Hospitality, a boutique digital marketing agency in Southern California. A motivated digital marketer, Debbie brings a unique perspective from her brand, agency, and consulting experience.

Session: 5 Ways to Better Optimize Traffic to Your Website

When you offer website visitors a smooth browsing experience, you increase the likelihood they will spend money on your products or services. It starts with creating a well-designed website with relevant content and navigation. During this session, Debbie Miller will discuss five ways you can improve and optimize your website.

Lauren Teague
Lauren Teague

Speaker: Lauren Teague / Convince & Convert
One of sports’ original social media reporters, Lauren Teague spent seven seasons as the voice of @PGATOUR, while transforming how professional golf connects with fans online. Today, she is part of Convince & Convert Consulting, a respected group of advisors led by Jay Baer.

Session: Unleash Social and Measure the Impact

Social media is a tool that, when unleashed, can impact every business unit. Learn strategies for making your organization more social from top to bottom, empowering employees to act as brand advocates, helping to serve customers through social care, and how to measure the impact of the resulting transformations.

Joey Coleman
Joey Coleman

Speaker: Joey Coleman / Design Symphony
For nearly twenty years, Joey has helped organizations retain their best customers and turn them into raving fans via his entertaining and actionable keynotes, workshops, and consulting projects. His First 100 Days® methodology helps fuel the successful customer experiences his clients deliver around the world.

Session: What’s Next? How to Navigate Customer and Employee Interactions in a Pandemic (and Post-Pandemic) Era

Always entertaining and action-oriented, Joey will share examples of what’s working right now and spark ideas for how to apply these learnings to evolve both operations and offerings to make the most of this new environment.

Filled with inspirational case studies and real-world solutions, this virtual presentation is designed to help you with your sales and marketing strategies.

Nicole Leinbach Reyhle
Nicole Leinbach Reyhle

Closing Keynote: Nicole Leinbach Reyhle /
Nicole Leinbach Reyhle is the founder and publisher of, a well-respected industry publication that has been recognized worldwide for its leading retail insight. With a core concentration on independent retailers and small businesses, Reyhle is a frequent guest and contributor to various media outlets that include The Today Show, Forbes, and countless B2B publications.

Session: Omnichannel Realities: Merging Online, Offline & Every Touchpoint In Between

Join this keynote session from Retail Minded’s founder, Nicole Leinbach Reyhle, as she unravels the realities of retail amidst COVID-19 while offering action-oriented insight to help merge your store online, offline, and every touchpoint in between. This session will highlight 10 omni-centric strategies that retailers can benefit from, ultimately aiming to help jewelry merchants increase their store profit and store visibility.

Nicole created a short video to give you some insight about her closing session! Click here to watch!

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