Tips from Jewelers Mutual: 10 Parts of a Watch You Should Actually Know

Today’s watches are a modern marvel. A work of art. A reliable source of timekeeping. They’re actually way more advanced (and smarter) than smart watches, which require a symbiotic relationship with a smartphone. When technology fails, a masterfully-crafted watch will continue to be your trusted source of time. Well…that and a sundial! Rolex Lady-DateJust 28

Rolex Lady-DateJust 28

There may come a time when your treasured timepiece needs some maintenance or repair. When you visit your jeweler, it’s nice to understand and know the parts of your watch. Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company has compiled a list to help you better understand what’s involved in making your watch tick. Learn more by reading their blog, 10 Parts of a Watch You Should Actually Know.

The Petite Promesse by Baume & Mercier
The Petite Promesse
by Baume & Mercier.
Men's Capeland by Baume & Mercier
Men's Capeland
by Baume & Mercier.


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