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How to Buy Zircon

Le Vian
Le Vian

Whether you’re buying blue zircon to celebrate a December birthday, or selecting another shade just to own a gorgeous piece of earth’s oldest history, zircon offers many options. A wide range of colors at relatively low cost make zircon a popular gem with collectors.

While zircon generally follows the same value factors as diamonds, it’s best to visit an AGS jeweler who can help you select the perfect gem.

Zircon is available in a rainbow of colors. Reddish brown earth tones are common, but bright red or green gems have higher market value.

Blue zircon is the most popular variety, comprising 80 percent of all zircon sales and commanding the highest prices. Blue is almost always the result of heat treatment.

Zircon is often cut in the brilliant style to showcase its diamond-like luster and fire. Facets must be cut carefully (to avoid chipping this brittle stone) and properly (to avoid the blur caused by zircon’s strong double refraction).

The size of zircon depends on its color. Blue and green stones come in sizes up to 10 carats, orange and yellow up to 5. Rare red and purple stones are typically smaller.

Because zircon is one of the heaviest gemstones, it appears smaller than other gems of equal carat weight.

Often considered the best-looking natural substitute for diamond, zircon is gaining popularity – not just in colorless form, but across the spectrum. Whether you’re seeking a birthday blue or any other hue, you can find zircon just right for you.

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