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How to Buy Aquamarine

Aquamarine ring by John Hardy
John Hardy

Aquamarine is a beautiful stone to purchase for any occasion, but especially for someone with a March birthday or to celebrate or re-kindle romantic love. The color ranges from nearly clear to a strong dark blue and is a perfect way to communicate affection, tranquility, and peace.

Like diamonds, aquamarine can be judged along the lines of cut, color, clarity, and carat weight.

Aquamarine pendant by Jye International
Jye International

First, visit an AGS jeweler, who will be happy to help you pick out the perfect piece. Next, look at the stone’s cut. Since aquamarine can be very lightly colored (and sometimes appear almost colorless), cut is very important to the overall appearance of the stone and how saturated or even the color appears.

While you’re of course welcome to choose the color that most appeals to you, it’s generally accepted that lighter colored aquamarines are less valuable than the stronger, deeper hues of blue or blue green.

Aquamarine earrings by Spark Creations
Spark Creations

Next, take a look at the stone’s clarity. Most cut gems do not have inclusions that are visible to the eye, and some rarer or more expensive aquamarines are available without visible inclusions, as well.

Since aquamarine crystals can grow to be quite large, larger cut gemstones are possible to purchase as a part of beautiful statement pieces. Princess Diana had a famous aquamarine ring and bracelet set, and the Queen has a breathtaking set of aquamarine jewels that include a large tiara, necklace, earrings, and bracelet.

While you may not be looking to buy in the “crown jewels” range, even smaller aquamarines make for lovely solitaires or companion jewels in larger pieces. And, of course, the symbolism or sentiment behind the purchase can make aquamarine priceless to the wearer. 

Visit your local AGS jeweler or learn more about birthstones.