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Consider Gifting Men’s Jewelry for Father’s Day

Why not surprise dad with something different for Father’s Day this year? Instead of the usual tie or gift card, jewelry—such as a Father’s Day bracelet or necklace—can be a special keepsake.

There have never been more options for men’s jewelry for Father’s Day. Today’s choices go beyond the traditional to include a variety of contemporary metals and designs. And with the enduring popularity of the classics as well, you can find a thoughtful gift that suits any man.

What to Consider When Buying Men’s Jewelry for Father’s Day

If you’re buying men’s jewelry for Father’s Day, consider his style, hobbies, and activities. 

Man with a expensive bracelet. Fashion accessories and jewelry

Dress up or go casual

Some men enjoy formal wear or have frequent work or leisure activities that require it. If that describes the man you’re buying for, consider sophisticated jewelry options that complement this attire for Father’s Day: bracelets, cuff links, gold watches, rings, tie clips or bars, and necklaces.

Some men rarely dress up, and they need jewelry that can sustain rugged or frequent physical activity. Jewelry options can include more sporty watches or leather bracelets, or simple jewelry that offers a more laid-back vibe. Think of mixes of metal and leather, thicker bracelets with brushed surfaces, or watches with interchangeable bands to suit the occasion.

Personalized jewelry options

If you’re looking for unique jewelry gifts for Father’s Day, why not look at personalized jewelry options, including inscribed bracelets, pendants, rings, and watches? By pairing jewelry with a meaningful inscription or message or the names of children and grandchildren, you’re ensuring this will be a cherished gift.

Father’s Day necklaces with initials or names of children or grandchildren are popular. Engraved necklaces can be a pendant  or even a more casual dog-tag style. There are Father’s Day bracelet options that offer ample room for inscriptions as well.

Birthstone jewelry

Just as mother’s rings are popular for Mother’s Day, dad’s rings or rings that feature the birthstones of children or grandchildren can be a personalized Father’s Day gift to treasure.

Find an AGS Jeweler

When choosing a gift of jewelry for Father’s Day, it’s important to have a jeweler you can trust. When you work with an American Gem Society (AGS) jeweler, you can be assured they are an expert in precious metals and gemstones. Every AGS jeweler is committed to upholding the highest ethical and gemological standards in the industry.

To begin your search for men’s jewelry for Father’s Day, find an AGS jeweler.