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Claim Your Badge. Share Your Accomplishments!

If you are an AGS titleholder or designee, have recently passed your recertification exam, or attended Conclave, there is a digital badge waiting for you! You’ve earned it, so take advantage of the variety of benefits and uses that come with it.

Why should you use a digital badge? When someone clicks on your badge, they’re directed to an online source that explains why you’ve earned that badge, the methods you took to achieve it, and how you are working to maintain your credentials. You can also add your digital badge to your email signatures.

Not sure how to get started? Click the video below to check out a quick tutorial on how to share your badge on social media, displaying to your audience the steps you are taking to stay on top of your professional game.

Conclave 2022 Digital Badge

To learn more about the AGS Digital Badging Program, and other ways you can share your badge, click here. Questions? Contact the Marketing team at [email protected].