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American Gem Society Honors Lussier, Chandler, and Bouffard at Annual Circle of Distinction Dinner

The American Gem Society (AGS) held its annual Circle of Distinction Dinner to honor the outstanding accomplishments of key jewelry industry leaders.

The distinguished event, held at New York City’s historic Plaza Hotel, celebrated the careers of three, highly-regarded industry professionals. Stephen Lussier, Chief Executive Officer, Forevermark, received the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award. Terry Chandler, President/CEO, DCA, and David A. Bouffard, Vice President, Corporate Affairs, Signet Jewelers Ltd., were both awarded the distinctive AGS Triple Zero® Award.

“I am extraordinarily honored to be recognized by America’s preeminent jewelry industry organization, the AGS,” said Stephen Lussier, accepting his Lifetime Achievement Award. “Diamonds form a deep emotional bond with their owners. They are like a vault holding life’s memories for one’s life. De Beers has given me a platform to take this message to generations of Americans and to new consumers all over the world. At De Beers, I have found a company that thinks long term, is not afraid to take bold action when it is needed, is passionate about doing the right thing, and fundamentally appreciates that at the heart of our industry lies one thing—the consumers’ belief in the diamond dream.”

Terry Chandler was the evening’s first recipient of the AGS Triple Zero® Award. Before accepting his award, Mr. Chandler presented a special gift to the American Gem Society: a signed copy of Handbook of Gem Identification, written by industry legend, Richard T. Liddicoat. Mr. Liddicoat had given the book to the late Sallie Morton, former president of the AGS Board of Directors, past Shipley recipient, and, along with Al Woodill, a pioneer in establishing the AGS Guilds.

John Carter, CGA, President of the AGS Board of Directors, accepted the book from Mr. Chandler. “This book could not possibly be more special for AGS to add to our collection. Not only was it a prized possession of a legendary member of the American Gem Society, but it had a personal inscription to her from another!” noted Mr. Carter. “It will be cherished for generations by the AGS and will serve as a reminder for years to come that we have only gotten this far because of people like them. Thank you, Terry, for securing this book for the Cos Altobelli Library!”

Upon accepting his award, Mr. Chandler said, “I am honored and humbled to receive this special award from the American Gem Society and to join the ranks of the previous honorees, as well as tonight’s honorees. DCA has been a member and supported AGS for nearly two decades because they stand in the doorway to protect and promote the integrity and ethics of our industry.”

David A. Bouffard, Signet Vice President, Corporate Affairs also was an AGS Triple Zero® Award recipient. “I am honored and humbled to receive the AGS Triple Zero Award. I’m also proud to be part of a company that takes its leadership position in the industry seriously, values integrity, collaborates with its business partners, and actively works towards the continuous improvement in the integrity of the global jewelry supply chain to ensure consumer confidence in the products we all sell.”

The Lifetime Achievement Award is one of the highest honors an individual may achieve from the American Gem Society—instituted to honor those who have made significant contributions to the industry throughout their career.

The AGS Triple Zero® Award was aptly named after the highest grade in the AGS Diamond Grading Standards and is presented to members of the jewelry industry for their countless accomplishments and contributions.

The American Gem Society would like to thank their sponsors for their generous support in making the event both memorable and a success: Jewelers Mutual Insurance Group, Signet Jewelers Ltd., Forevermark, JCK, and Wells Fargo.

Stephen Lussier accepts the Lifetime Achievement Award.
Stephen Lussier accepts the Lifetime Achievement Award.
Terry Chandler presents John Carter, CGA with copy of Handbook of Gem Identification.
David A. Bouffard gives his AGS Triple Zero Award speech.