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Colored Diamond Document

An insanely easy way to sell colored diamonds. 

  • Presents color in consumer-friendly way

  • Utilizes visual communications and a rich graphic design

  • A grading report so easy it can be learned in minutes

Introducing a new, insanely easy way to talk to your customers about fancy brown diamonds, giving them more options and helping you close more sales. 

The AGS Laboratories’ Colored Diamond Document is a new approach to assessing color. This report presents color in a way that your team and your customers can both understand. Utilizing visual communications and a rich graphic design to communicate color, the report is consistent with how we perceive color— with our eyes and our emotion. 

The Colored Diamond Document is part of the American Gem Society Laboratories’ new Chroma SignatureSM System, which brings together the aspects that contribute to the color of each diamond and is then reflected in the full-color grade. The result? A color diamond grading report, that represents the diamond’s Chroma Color SignatureSM in a way that is easy to visualize, and simple to communicate to jewelry buyers.