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3 Reasons Why You Need Jewelry Appraisal Software

By Jewelers Mutual® Group

You’ve heard a lot of buzz about the American Gem Society member hub on the Zing® Marketplace. Its exclusive shipping discounts were mentioned at Conclave in April, but the marketplace has many other powerful tools to streamline and grow your business.

Creating appraisals leveraging the expertise of Gemworld is an example of one that has improved the way hundreds of other jewelers serve their customers.

The Jewelry Appraisal Solution makes increasing revenue, pleasing customers, and exciting employees easier than ever before.

Here are three reasons why appraising with this tool is an easy decision.

1. The Ability to Leverage Gemworld’s Expertise
As a user of the Jewelry Appraisal Solution, you have access to diamond and colored gemstone wholesale pricing modules along with an estimated retail replacement value. You can combine details from customer purchases with Gemworld’s data and, if needed, adjust the final estimated retail value based on your expertise.

2. Additional Revenue Stream
Creating appraisals is free, and you can earn $20 for qualifying appraisals that accompany a personal jewelry insurance application through the Jewelry Appraisal Solution. You are not capped at a certain dollar amount either, so how much you can earn is up to you and how many qualifying appraisals you are able to complete.

3. A Fantastic Jeweler and Customer Experience
These customer-friendly, company-branded appraisals can be completed in a matter of minutes with an intuitive interface that works on desktop or mobile devices. Cloud-based storage also lets you access everything you need, wherever you are.

Your business isn’t going to boost itself. It’s time to start using jewelry appraisal software and making your customers happy.

Visit to access your member hub on the Zing Marketplace and once you do (or if you’re already using it), try a demo appraisal! If you like it, you can begin the activation process directly from your Zing dashboard.

If you have questions or need help getting started, call 833-970-9464 or email [email protected].

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