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October 4, 2023

October Birthstones: The Colorful Beauty of Opal & Tourmaline

People born in October are blessed with not one, but two captivating birthstones – opal and tourmaline.   These stunning gemstones have fascinating histories and a dazzling array of color variations.   Let’s venture into the vibrant worlds of October’s birthstones: opal and tourmaline.  Opal: The Iridescent Beauty of October  Let’s start with opal, the original October birthstone.  Opal has been cherished and revered for millennia, believed to bring luck to those who wear it. While traditionally recognized as the birthstone of October, opal’s iridescence paints a vivid spectrum of colors from the gentle milky whites to deep blacks, all interspersed with

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Red, White & Blue Jewelry to Celebrate America

Jewelry has long been a form of personal expression and even a symbol of patriotism. And what could be more patriotic than the timeless trio of red, white, and blue? Let’s explore a variety of red, white, and blue jewelry pieces—all designed by American Gem Society members—that sparkle with an array of gemstones in America’s colors. (You’ll also learn what gives them their red, white, and blue hues.) Rubies The first gemstone we want to highlight in red, white, and blue jewelry is the ruby. Radiating a deep, passionate red, rubies are the embodiment of love and vitality. Their rich

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