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March 17, 2023

Protect Your Business From Credit Card Fraud With Payment Best Practices

By Jewelers Mutual® Group When it comes to your jewelry business, security and trust go hand in hand. Ensuring that your transactions are secure is essential for maintaining the trust of your customers, but the unfortunate truth is that credit card fraud is quite common. In this article, Jewelers Mutual shares best practices for credit card payment security to help you prevent and avoid fraud. Why Credit Card Payment Security Matters for Jewelers Accepting credit card payments is a convenient way to do business and helps you to provide a better customer experience. However, it also comes with some risks.

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All About Birthstones: Aquamarine

March’s birthstone, aquamarine, is in the spotlight! American Gem Society (AGS) member, David Artinian of Artinian Gems, gives us an in-depth look at these dreamy blue gems. Vendors: Are you interested in submitting a video on birthstones? This is your opportunity to share your expertise on birthstones with your fellow members through short, one to three-minute videos discussing the characteristics and qualities of gemstones. Your video will be featured in our semi-monthly Spectra Update and in AGS PRO. To participate, click the button below to fill out our Content Submission form below. Submit Form You can film the video on

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