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June 29, 2021

New Episode of “Making the Grade with Carter”

AGS Laboratories is excited to bring you a new episode of “Making the Grade with Carter.” Join John Carter, CGA, Chair of the AGS Laboratories Advisory Committee, as he discusses AGS Laboratories’ new Laboratory-Grown Diamond Grading Report with his special guest, Jason Quick, RJ, the Lab’s Executive Director. Why did AGS Laboratories branch out into laboratory-grown diamond grading? What makes their system different? Check it out!

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The Report Report: New Proprietary Diamond Quality Analysis Report

By Jerrica Hamblin, Laboratory Program Development Analyst, AGS Laboratories The AGS Laboratories Diamond Quality Analysis (DQA) Report is a classic. If you have diamonds that would benefit from a more simplified report, the DQA is a good choice. It is one of our smaller-sized reports that can literally fit into your back pocket! While it may not feature a clarity plot of the diamond, it does display important grading information regarding the characteristics of the diamond such as the 4Cs, a profile diagram for the diamond, and clarity characteristics. We’re excited to announce that we recently gave the DQA a

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Q & A With Quick and Abel

AGS Laboratories Executive Director, Jason Quick, RJ, and Director of Gemological Services, Wade Abel, CG, are back for another issue of Lab Scope to share their responses to questions they receive at the Lab. How does AGS Laboratories grade fluorescence and what is the difference from other grading labs? We receive this question often, especially when a diamond receives a grade of Negligible and has some visible fluorescence. AGS Laboratories’ fluorescence scale is a bit different than other labs in the industry. The way we grade fluorescence is different as well. First, let’s discuss our grading scale. The AGS Laboratories

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