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June 10, 2021

A Gem of an Evening

Each year on the first official evening of Conclave, we present the AGS community with an immersive event that is all about making new connections while enjoying wonderful food and admiring stunning jewelry: the AGS Suppliers’ Showcase and Reception. On Sunday, September 12, all Conclave attendees are invited to be a part of this amazing, one-of-a-kind gathering of like-minded industry professionals who share their passion for exceptional jewelry! We break down the walls of traditional trade shows and create an atmosphere where AGS Retailers can mix and mingle with AGS Suppliers in a low-pressure format, creating a unique relationship-building opportunity.

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The Return of Zeff

He’s the man who turned on-stage jokes about watermelon soup and mints into legendary memories at Conclave, and who makes us laugh until we cry. Yes, we’re talking about the one, the only, Joel Zeff. You kinda wish he’d make fun of you during one of the general sessions, but on the other hand, you fear he actually might. We get it. That’s his particular magic. This year, the American Gem Society is fortunate to have Joel return as emcee for his fifth year in a row. “Zeff” as his AGS friends call him is not just our emcee. He’s

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