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About the American Gem Society

Robert M. ShipleyThe American Gem Society was founded in 1934 by a small group of leading jewelers including the great grandfather of modern gemology, Robert M. Shipley. Their goal was to create an organization that could help protect the jewelry-buying public from fraud, and false advertising.

Today, we’re proud to say, Shipley’s vision has become a reality. Nearly 3,500 jewelers, retailers, suppliers, individual titleholders and affiliates have joined the American Gem Society and have dedicated themselves to:

And we don't make it easy for them either. To join AGS, every member must go through a -peer-reviewed application process followed by a recertification exam every single year. This process ensures that every AGS-certified jeweler you meet is at the top of their game, and more importantly, each one has pledged to protect you, the consumer.

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