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The Folklore of Garnet

Garnet is a fitting way to start the New Year. Not only because it’s January’s birthstone, but also because according to legend, it has the power to give those who wear it eternal happiness, health, and wealth. Its perceived healing properties are vast.

Legend has it that garnet can bring peace, prosperity, and good health to the home. It’s been called the “Gem of Faith,” as there were some who believed that those who wore it and do good would have more good come their way. On the other hand, there were those that believed if you wore it and committed bad acts, you’d have bad fortune.

It was also known as a “Stone of Health.” Some believed that garnet could remove negative energy from the chakras and purify vital organs and blood. It was used as a talisman for protection by warriors going into battle and those who wanted to ward off diseases. Some ancient healers even placed garnets in wounds, praising its healing powers.

Garnet is so durable that jewelry dating back to the Bronze Age has been found. Egyptians also used garnet as far back as 3100 BC as inlays in jewelry and carvings. They believed it was the symbol of life and was used to honor their Goddess of War, Sekhmet.

Garnet has also symbolized a deep and lasting friendship. This makes it a great reason to give garnet jewelry as a special gift for someone whose friendship you deeply value!

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NOTE: The above is intended to educate on the myth, legend and historical lore of garnets and is not meant to be interpreted as fact.