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Additional Russian Diamond Sanctions Under Development

By: Sara E. Yood, Esq. On Friday, February 24, 2023, the G7 leadership announced that they would be working on an additional package of restrictions on diamonds of Russian Federation origin.  This announcement was significantly timed in conjunction with the first anniversary of the illegal Russian invasion of Ukraine and subsequent unjustified war.  These forthcoming sanctions are likely to address the Customs “substantial transformation” pathway that still allows Russia-origin diamonds to enter the U.S. legally if cut and polished in another country. The relevant text of the announcement reads: “[g]iven the significant revenues that Russia extracts from the export of

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Supplier Spotlight: Pompos Jewelry

Pompos, the namesake and founder of Pompos Jewelry, developed a fascination with jewelry making at a young age. In a short time, he realized he had a talent. He became one of the highest-paid and most coveted jewelers in Los Angeles. In the late 80s, Pompos partnered with a well-known jewelry brand to make a line of invisible-set diamonds that became a sensation in the industry. In time, Pompos went on to form other partnerships with well-established jewelry brands and continued designing and innovating. In 2005, Pompos and his three sons—Rick, Alex, and Gabriel—opened Pompos Jewelry to offer their combined

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Jewelry & Gemstone Cleaning Methods to Use at Home

Before cleaning any of your gemstones, it’s important to know if the gemstones have been correctly identified. Every gem has a unique composition that determines how it will react to different cleaning methods. Unsure of what gems are embedded in your favorite piece? Find a credentialed American Gem Society (AGS) jeweler near you to determine what gemstones you’re working with. Our credentialed jewelers can help with specific suggestions for the care of your gemstones and jewelry. Continue reading for the most recommended gemstone cleaning methods that will keep them safe and clean for years to come. Why You Should Clean

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Announcing the 2022-2023 AGS International Board of Directors

On Wednesday, April 27, the American Gem Society (AGS) announced its International Board of Directors for 2022–2023. This year, joining the AGS International Board of Directors are Maria Brown, RJ (Exclusively Diamonds); Jamie Luce (Jewelers Mutual® Group); Kevin Mays, CGA (John Mays Jewelers); and Denise Richards, CGA (Underwood Jewelers). The 2022–2023 AGS International Board of Directors are: Executive Committee President Lisa Bridge, CG President-Elect Alexis Padis, CGA Secretary; Chair: Gemological Sciences Committee Bryan Moeller, CGA Sr. Advisor William Farmer Jr. Treasurer; Chair: Finance, Audit & Legal Committee Larry Rickert Chair: AGS Laboratories Advisory Committee John Carter, CGA Committee Designations and

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What Are Mother’s Rings?

Mother’s Day gifts are always appreciated—whether they are the expensive variety or handmade by the children. But you can’t go wrong with jewelry. When considering a gift of jewelry for Mother’s Day, there are many options, from traditional diamonds and birthstones to something more personalized. A mother’s ring is a very personalized jewelry gift that has strong sentimental value. What is a Mother’s Ring? While many people choose to give birthstone jewelry for special occasions, the birthstones are typically the recipient’s. In the case of a mother’s ring, the ring contains the children’s birthstones instead. Mother’s rings can be found

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What Is a Padparadscha Sapphire?

Sapphires are known for their exemplary blue color. But there is actually a rainbow of hues available for this gemstone. The padparadscha sapphire is a rare but striking version of this gem that is pink- and orange-toned, offering a colorful alternative to the more well-known blue. September birthdays may especially enjoy the variety of choosing a padparadscha sapphire, as sapphire is the birthstone for September. Part of the long history of sapphires, which traced the gem’s popularity to the Middle Ages, padparadscha sapphires are especially well known for their associations with creativity, energy, and good health. The word “padparadscha” is

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Bakers From Paris to Brooklyn Start the Year With Blinged-Out Delicacies

Shared from the blog of American Gem Society member, Stanley Jewelers Gemologist.  Bakers from Paris to Brooklyn are kicking off the new year with blinged-out delicacies designed to delight and excite jewelry lovers. In Paris, the husband and wife team of Julie and Nicolas Lelut baked diamonds into the almond cream filling of a huge batch of holiday galettes, a buttery flaky pastry. Eight hundred galettes were distributed equally between their two stores — with one diamond hidden in a pastry at each location. Visitors to the Délices de Belleville bakery in Paris earned a 1-in-400 chance of winning a .20-carat white diamond,

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Tips from Jewelers Mutual: Keep Criminals Away During the Holidays

Jewelry is one of the most popular gifts of the holiday season. It is often given to signify love or to mark the end of another year as a milestone. Unfortunately, criminals are aware of these pricey purchases meant to bring joy; they often assume we are at our most vulnerable this time of year. The following three safety tips from Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company will help you outsmart those outlaws and give you peace of mind. You have enough to think about during the holidays, and you shouldn’t have to add safety concerns to that list. Learn more by

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