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Sustaining Firm Spotlight: Clientbook

Clientbook is a mobile app that facilitates easy clienteling by high-ticket retail sales associates. By using Clientbook, retailers gain visibility and control over the customer experience, resulting in more store visits, better sales conversion rates, and higher average dollar sales.

Clientbook also drives relationship building by keeping track of the details in a client’s life so that the sales associate can focus on the relationship and give the guidance clients want. Once that trusting relationship is established, customers become life-long clients—even legacy clients—where their children ultimately become clients as well.

“Jewelry lasts forever, it becomes an heirloom. The job of the sales associate is to present the right options at the right life events so that significant events become memorable forever,” says Brandon Wright, CEO of Clientbook. “We try to make it easy to manage the details of hundreds of clients, give prompts when a significant life event is happening, message small groups or large groups, or a personal note to just one person. This is what we call personal attention at scale.”

The idea for Clientbook came to Brandon, and co-founder, Jason Cox, while they worked with various top retailers to address their shared challenge of managing customer relationships and communication.

After conducting countless interviews with nearly 200 managers and top sales associates from various retailers, Brandon and Jason found their responses to be unanimous: there were no tools available to them that allowed management of relationship-based selling.

They knew that the success of any tool would be its adoption on the sales floor. If the sales associate found it difficult to use, no matter how much pressure they received from management, they would choose not to use it.

Brandon and Jason worked closely with their advisory board of retailers to develop the original requirements for the first version of what would become Clientbook. In October 2017, Clientbook began the development of a prototype mobile application, and in January 2018, Clientbook was released as their first official customers signed up.

How has membership with the American Gem Society (AGS) helped Clientbook? “Membership with the American Gem Society has opened a plethora of doors for us as a technology start-up in the jewelry and retail industry,” says Brandon. “We love working with AGS members to help them grow sales, retain clients, and keep their sales associates happy.”