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Supplier Spotlight: Kwiat

Founded in 1907 in New York City, Kwiat is a family-owned diamond jewelry brand that has thrived on a legacy of service, quality, and integrity. Guided by these values, Kwiat has flourished, blossoming like the family name, which means “flower” in Polish.

Greg Kwiat, CEO, recounts the company’s founding. “In 1907, our great-grandfather, Sam Kwiat, opened a diamond shop in New York City,” he explains. “He was joined by his son, David, in 1933. In the early 1970s, David’s two sons, Sheldon and Lowell (our dad), joined the business.”

Kwiat quickly earned a reputation for its magnificent, superbly cut diamonds. By mid-century, the company was supplying cut stones to renowned houses like Tiffany & Co. and Harry Winston—the latter for whom David Kwiat cut the 50-carat “Teardrop of Africa” diamond in 1965. It wasn’t long before Kwiat became a brand name, offering exquisite jewelry through wholesale and, eventually, retail stores of its own.

“The 20th century marked so much growth and change for our company,” continues Greg. “When I and my brothers, Cory and Russell, became a part of Kwiat in the early 2000s, the brand evolution was in full swing: we opened a flagship store on Madison Avenue, acquired the antique jewelry house, Fred Leighton, and became known for our spectacular jewels worn by celebrities at awards shows.”

Now, with Greg, Cory, and Russell Kwiat leading the brand, Kwiat is making new strides by revolutionizing the diamond supply chain, including the way they are cut and sold. Tapping into more than a century of experience perfecting the art and science of diamond cutting, Kwiat has introduced Kwiat Tiara Diamonds™, a collection of iconic shapes that are perfectly cut to the world’s highest standards, receiving top grades from both GIA and GCAL. Each of the shapes—Kwiat Round™, Kwiat Oval™, Kwiat Cushion™, Kwiat Emerald Cut™, Kwiat Radiant™, Fred Leighton Round™, and ASHOKA®—is perfectly cut, extraordinarily brilliant, and consistent every time.

“We have perfected all the details—the angles, proportions, faceting, and dimensions—so we can create the absolute best version of each of those shapes. We take cut to another level. These are the most perfectly cut diamonds in the world,” says Greg.

When a customer buys a Kwiat Tiara Diamond engagement ring, they’ll have the opportunity to choose an ethically mined rough stone from a specific region where diamonds do good for the local communities. Then, they can follow the journey of their diamond as it is cut, polished, and set in a handcrafted ring designed to their specifications. It’s all part of Mine to Shine™, the customer’s experience of the vertically integrated Kwiat supply chain that ensures that every Kwiat diamond can be traced from origin to final ring.

“Kwiat Tiara Diamonds and Mine to Shine are revolutionary, yes—but for us, they are just the next logical steps in a business where we put innovation, quality, integrity, and customer service before everything else,” notes Greg. “As our grandfather, David, said, ‘You may buy and sell many things in the course of your career, but the only thing you will truly own is your reputation.’”

The Kwiat reputation is solidified through the company’s membership in the American Gem Society (AGS). Greg notes, “Through AGS and its events, we have built relationships with important business partners, including several of our authorized brand partners. AGS membership is a credential that conveys authority and integrity, values that we greatly prize at Kwiat.”

“As with all trade organizations,” he goes on, “you get what you give. Get involved, attend the events, and engage with the organization whenever you have a business issue worth exploring further.”

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