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Supplier Spotlight: Joshua J Fine Jewelry

Forty years ago, Joshua Javaheri, president of Joshua J Fine Jewelry, became fascinated with the jewelry trade and design, and fell in love with diamonds while helping out at his family’s jewelry store. He joined the family business after high school and eight years later, ventured out and began his own business. Joshua attributes much of his success to a lot of hard work, making the right decisions, and remaining humble.

Joshua J Fine Jewelry joined the AGS community because they believe that their membership is one way they can support the mission of ethical business practices and consumer protection. Joshua adds, “We have many AGS stores as clients, and enjoy the networking opportunities at Conclave to connect and learn.”

With 2022 right around the corner, Joshua J Fine Jewelry expects to see diamond jewelry trends featuring bigger, simpler designs in the new year.

“We have seen many requests upgrading the size of studs, diamond line bracelets, and engagement and anniversary rings,” says Joshua. “We are not seeing as many halos in engagement rings this year as in years past. Requests tend to feature a larger, single diamond center, with round, oval or emerald cuts being most popular, with fewer accent stones.”

Joshua continues, “Three-stone rings are really strong, as are larger eternity bands in emerald cut and oval shapes. With hoops, smaller diameter hoops—0.75-inch diameter for example—with larger size diamonds have been great sellers. Again, seemingly following the trend of simple, classic design but with bigger diamonds than we typically see.”

What does Joshua J. Jewelry have planned for 2022?

“We have always been known for our incredible inventory of fabulous diamond, colored diamond, and colored gemstone jewelry, and we want stores to know that we continue to build that collection up every day,” says Joshua. “One of the things we hear quite often and is that there have been shortages in bigger, nicer diamonds for retailers to choose from. A lot of companies went conservative on their buying; we chose to stay active and positive.

As we go into this holiday season, and 2022 beyond, we plan to continue to be the source for those bigger, special pieces that your clients are looking for. If you haven’t tried us out for a special call before, try us on your next one just to get a feel for what we have in stock for you. One of our primary missions is to help support you in making that big sale happen.”