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Rubies and July—a Red Hot Pair

Ruby and Diamond Ring Yael Design
Ruby and Diamond Ring by Yael Design

Perhaps no color better represents the month of July than red. Whether it’s the bold red in the American flag, spectacular fireworks, juicy cherries, red-hot temperatures.  . . and, with that, red hot sunburns—Red is a color fit for July. It’s no surprise then that Ruby is July’s birthstone.
Rubies are not only a hot trend on red carpets, but this precious gemstone is both luxurious and practical.
Ruby is a variety of the gems species corundum, which is harder than any natural gemstone except diamond. Want to wear a ruby as an engagement ring? Go ahead! It’s durable enough for everyday wear.
The color of a ruby is most important to its value. The most prized color is a medium or medium dark vivid red or slightly purplish red. If the gem is too light or has too much purple or orange, it will be called a fancy-color sapphire.
 3 Fun Facts About Rubies:

  •  Rubies are historically known as the stone of love.
  • Hindus believe that wearing a ruby protects them from their enemies.
  • In addition to being the birthstone for July, rubies are also a traditional gift for those celebrating 15th or 40th anniversaries.

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