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Members-Only: AGS Facebook Group Provides Advice and Community

"Our AGS members are the first people I reached out to during this crazy time. I trust and love this group, and know that no matter how hard it gets, we have each other to learn from and champion."

Did you know that there is a group on Facebook created for people just like you? If you are in the AGS members-only Facebook group, then you already knew this!

Think of it as a community inside a community. The AGS members-only Facebook group is a place to get together with your fellow members online, stay up-to-date on the latest AGS news and developments, meet other members, share ideas, and have some fun. Roughly one-third of the AGS membership is in this group, and that number is growing faster than ever. Be a part of the trend!

Here are six reasons to join the AGS members-only Facebook group:

  1. Community. Our Facebook group is a reflection of the AGS membership: it’s a community of like-minded individuals. Through posting and comments, you can learn from other members, get to know them and engage with people you may have never had the chance to speak with before.
  2. Use the group as a forum. Do you have a question that you’d like to ask another professional? An idea you want to brainstorm? The AGS members-only Facebook group is a great place for that.
  3. Build relationships. Yes, you can get to know people in the group. People may recognize you at Conclave from your photo and will remember the online conversations you shared. Comment on their post and post your own. Asks questions, share funny stories, or just let them know how your day is going and ask about theirs.
  4. Share news and success stories about your company. Did you win a design award? Were you featured in the local paper? Did a promotion prove to a smashing success? Share your news with the members of your community!
  5. Missed an email from AGS? The Facebook group has you covered. Sometimes emails go into spam or perhaps your inbox is flooded and you haven’t gotten to our email yet. We post all relevant and important news right in the group.
  6. Create experiences for your fellow members: When the members of the community interact with you in a meaningful way in the group, and you become a part of conversations, you’ll find that they appreciate you even more for helping make the experience fun, informative, and interesting.

Take a peek at some posts from the group. The AGS Facebook group allows you to…

Learn about special AGS online events:

Learn about special offers for AGS members:

 Receive info you need. Members share resources and tools, providing you with access to information that will help you run your business and stay on top of the latest developments, and government regulations pertaining to our industry: 

Get a little cheeky. Have some fun:

Share your big news! 

Get the latest info from AGS:

Feel the love:

Any employee in your store can join the Facebook group. Make sure they answer the questions posed by the group admin when they submit their request to join the group. The questions are one way we screen to make sure that we admitting either an AGS member or an employee of a member store.

Your community is waiting for you. Join our group today!