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December 16, 2021

Want Fresh Ideas for Boosting Jewelry Sales? Visit AGS PRO!

We know this is your busiest month, but if you have some spare time from selling, holiday prepping, shopping or events, we wanted to share with you three pieces of valuable online learning that could help you with sales. Cash In With Color First up, if you never saw this popular webinar with Jonathan and Brecken Farnsworth, from Parle Jewelry Designs, then check out “Cash in with Color” this month! With thriving retail partnerships throughout the country, they know how to make color a profitable category no matter your store’s demographic. Enjoy an exciting and fresh perspective from one of

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Ways Members Drive Holiday Traffic and Engagement on Social Media

Members of the AGS community are helping their clients get in the holiday spirit in a number of ways, and they are using social media to draw in shoppers. We scrolled through Facebook and Instagram to see what kind of promotions AGS retailers post regarding their holiday events. Here are some that caught our attention. Jay’s Jewelry showed their community spirit by promoting a Christmas parade and inviting attendees to shop their holiday specials. It’s a clever idea to leverage nearby community events as a way to invite customers to stop by while they are in the neighborhood. Windsor Fine

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Sustaining Firm Spotlight: TC Brand Consulting

If you’re a seasoned jewelry designer, bench jeweler, artisan, gem cutter, or manufacturer, TC Brand Consulting has the expertise to help propel your vision and make your business become a reality. Tammy Cohen, owner of TC Brand Consulting, and her team, work to build your brand and take it to the jewelry-buying public. We had the opportunity to speak to Tammy about her company’s one-of-a-kind services, get some advice on branding a jewelry company, as well as insight on branding trends for 2022. Tammy, can you tell us more about what TC Brand Consulting does and your process? My goal

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Seven Practical Tips for Preventing Smash-and-Grab Robberies

By Jewelers Mutual Group A lot of jewelry crimes that make headlines in the news today revolve around smash-and-grab robberies. These are often high-profile, brazen attacks that happen quickly and result in high-dollar losses. If you’ve ever seen surveillance footage of one, it almost appears as though nothing could have been done to stop it—but that’s not always the case. After casing a variety of jewelry businesses, criminals know a soft target when they see one. Follow these seven tips for preventing smash-and-grab robberies to make your business a hard target, and discouraging criminals from attempting it at your location.

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Get the Most of Your Membership in the New Year

By Kimberly Tate, Content Creator, American Gem Society The year is almost over, which means we are all thinking about the future. If you create New Year’s resolutions for your business, then we have a few suggestions that we think can help you. We sprinkled in a few personal suggestions too, for a little added inspiration! 1 Ask us to help promote you! An easy way to show off your beautiful jewelry or get the word out about an in-store event is to let us amplify your message. Send us your photos for our social media or our Trending Now

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