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Supplier Spotlight: WD Lab Grown Diamonds

Founded in 2008 and headquartered outside of Washington, D.C., WD Lab Grown Diamonds specializes in “As Grown” and untreated laboratory-grown diamonds.

They hold exclusive rights to a portfolio of patents covering single crystal Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) diamond growth technology, developed by the Carnegie Institution of Washington. Since its inception, WD has solidified its leadership position in the diamond industry, leveraging its patented and proprietary processes to create high-quality, guaranteed-origin, and fully traceable diamonds.

We reached out to Nanci Kirczow, Director of Sales at WD, to learn how they are helping to protect retailers and consumers and to hear about their Five Pillars of Sustainability.

Nanci Kirczow, Director of Sales
at WD Lab Grown Diamonds

WD Lab Grown Diamonds is a new member of the American Gem Society! What advice can you share with the AGS community about laboratory-grown diamonds?

As consumer demand for laboratory-grown diamonds continues to grow, it is important that retailers can accurately and powerfully share the unique story behind this emerging new category. Whether you are currently carrying laboratory-grown diamonds or still considering for your business, the modern consumer expects jewelry retailers to be informed and speak with confidence and authority.

Continuing to educate yourself and your team about the laboratory-grown diamond category and the current market will help build trust and ultimately deepen your relationship with your customer. Key areas of focus include Diamond Growth Methods, Disclosures and Third-Party Certification, and Sustainability, as all are becoming more important to the consumer in their purchasing journey.

We work with our partners to develop custom training programs, in addition to holding monthly webinars and open Q&As with special guests from the industry.

This community is driven by shared values and a commitment to protecting and honoring the consumer, and as a new member, we recommend exploring all available avenues of connection and learning, so that together we can drive forward the success and evolution of our industry.

WD received an A+ rating for the Five Pillars of Sustainability. What makes this achievement so important?

Granted by SCS Global Services, WD is a Certified Sustainability Rated Diamond producer and handler, and the first diamond company worldwide to receive this designation. A “Sustainability Rated Diamond” is a diamond from an accredited natural or laboratory-grown diamond production operation that has been evaluated and audited against Five Pillars of Sustainability achievement and is found to be in full conformance with the requirements of the SCS-007 Certified Sustainability Rated Diamond Standard.

The Five Pillars of Sustainability are:

  1. Verified Origin Traceability: Comprehensive data tracking and a state-of-the-art, independently verified test-and-trace forensic laboratory guarantee our diamond provenance and Chain of Custody with 99% accuracy.
  2. Ethical Stewardship: Each WD laboratory-grown diamond is certified to adhere to twelve core ethical principles, ensuring our UN-aligned Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) practices protect workers, communities, and ecosystems.
  3. Climate Neutrality: WD’s laboratory-grown diamonds are the first in the world to be certified under The 5th C: Climate Neutrality™—our current and past climate footprint has been fully offset.
  4. Sustainability Investments: Our investments equal 18X our emissions, and focus on artisanal scale miners and initiatives including ICIMOD’s Himalayan Climate and Clean Air Project.
  5. Sustainable Production: We are committed to doing no harm to people or planet, and are working toward Net Zero or Net Positive impacts across 100% of all production categories.
WD Lab Grown Diamonds achieved Sustainability Certification and 100% Climate Neutrality in 2020.

This achievement represents a critical shift in the industry, as WD leads the consumer-centric conversation forward with a focus on corporate social responsibility and sustainability.

What’s new in 2022 for WD?

We recently launched a bestseller assortment program that allows retailers the opportunity to introduce their clients to a premier assortment of high-quality, Sustainability Rated laboratory-grown diamonds from WD. The opening assortment or “Starter Kit” can be customized to suit a retailer’s specific business goals with the flexibility to refine the offering to meet evolving needs along the way.

On top of the Starter Kit, we also introduced an exclusive diamond stud program—featuring near-colorless, VS2+, Sustainability Rated laboratory-grown diamonds that range from 0.5ctw-5ctw. Our diamond studs are calibrated and set in 14k white gold, ready to sell for any occasion.

Aside from these exclusive new product offerings, we continue to showcase our full breadth of available inventory via our always-on mobile and desktop applications

In recognition of our product quality, commitment to innovation, and focus on sustainability, WD was honored to be shortlisted for the Positive Luxury Awards for 2022 in the Material & Manufacturing Innovation of the Year category.