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Wells Fargo and AGS Announce Enriched AGS Fraud Protection Program with Intellicheck

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Wells Fargo and American Gem Society (AGS) offer a value-added service that will be available to AGS credit card program members through Intellicheck. This program enhancement provides a fast and easy-to-use mobile app for in-store transactions that supports the prevention of fraudulent credit account openings.

Intellicheck’s proven, state-of-the-art identity validation app gives participating jewelers a clear competitive advantage. It makes it easy to confidently extend credit to customers with a frictionless experience that validates identity documents like drivers’ licenses and state-issued IDs from every state in under a second.

The importance of this new program benefit is already being realized by jewelers across the country who are using the Intellicheck app. Over one percent of all jeweler transactions validated through Intellicheck in 2022 were red-flagged as suspected fraud. With the average sale price of a credit account opening for jewelers amounting to thousands of dollars, the Intellicheck app eliminated well over $16 million dollars of fraud losses to jewelers in 2022, repeatedly demonstrating its value. This advanced level of customer service and merchant protection is only available to AGS member jewelers participating in the Wells Fargo AGS Fraud Protection Program.

Thanks to Wells Fargo’s support, this advanced level of customer service and merchant protection is available to AGS retail members participating in the AGS credit card program for up to the shared amount of 25,000 transactions. Members will have the option to purchase additional transactions through their Intellicheck account if the pool of transactions is used up.

QR to sign up for Intellicheck

To take advantage as an AGS credit card program member, scan the QR code and sign up for an Intellicheck account. Not currently using the AGS credit card program? Visit to learn more and enroll today.