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Pearl Insights: Baroque Pearls

The word Baroque comes from the Portuguese word “barroco,” which refers to a pearl with an elaborate shape. It was during the Baroque Era (1600–1750) that these non-round pearls were first used in jewelry, hence the name, which doubles as a reference to the luxuriant art and architecture of the period.

Baroque pearls are irregularly shaped or “imperfect” pearls and they come in almost all varieties of South Sea pearls; White or Champagne South Sea, Tahitian, and Golden. Their organic beauty captivates the attention. Each unique shape is more appealing than the other. No two Baroque pearls are identical, which makes it very difficult to match them.

Fun Fact: Farmers say that the Baroque pearls are formed due to contamination in the operation room, so it is very important to keep the room clean during the grafting of the oysters. Humans have gotten so good at cultivating pearls that baroque pearls have become extremely rare.

We’d like to thank Baggins Pearls for sharing their pearl insights with us! Take a look at their designs featuring Baroque pearls and click on the images to get a closer view!

Dark gray text of Frederico Fellini's quote: "All art is autobiographical; the pearl is the oyster's autography." on a white/gray marble background

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