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Pearl Insights: Baroque Pearls

By Baggins Pearls The word Baroque comes from the Portuguese word “barroco,” which refers to a pearl with an elaborate shape. It was during the Baroque Era (1600–1750) that these non-round pearls were first used in jewelry, hence the name, which doubles as a reference to the luxuriant art and architecture of the period. Baroque pearls are irregularly shaped or “imperfect” pearls and they come in almost all varieties of South Sea pearls; White or Champagne South Sea, Tahitian, and Golden. Their organic beauty captivates the attention. Each unique shape is more appealing than the other. No two Baroque pearls

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Teardrops of the Moon: Pearls in Legends…and Trends

Ancient Japanese legends told stories of mermaids and nymphs crying tears of pearls. When the Greek gods wept, they shed pearls. Even the moon allegedly shed tears of well…you know. There are many myths pearls, and not all tales involve crying. Early Chinese civilization believed that dragons carried pearls between their teeth. If you were brave enough to slay a dragon and claim a pearl, it was a symbol of wisdom. In Hindu folklore, dewdrops fell from the moon into the sea, turned into pearls, and Krishna picked one out of the water as a gift for his daughter on her

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Pearls of Wisdom for June 2015

By Amanda L Colborn Happy birthday to all the June babies out there! You’re all very lucky in that you have three very unique birthstones commemorating this special month! Unfortunately, I am not creative enough to also be able to work “Alexandrite” and “Moonstone” into this blog’s title. But, let’s jump right into pearls! PEARLS Historically, pearls have been used as an adornment for centuries.  They were one of the favorite gems of the Roman Empire. Later, during the Tudor period in England, the 1500’s were known as the Pearl Age. Pearls are unique as they are the only gems from living

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Spanish Queen's Bracelet On Auction Block

JCK posted an article yesterday about an upcoming Sotheby’s auction that will feature several rare and beautiful pieces of jewelry.  A Cartier bracelet made of conch pearl, enamel, and diamonds will be auctioned this month in Geneva. The stunning bracelet once belonged to Queen Victoria Eugenia of Spain, and carries an estimate selling price of $800,000–$1.4 million. David Bennett, the chairman of Sotheby’s jewelry department in Europe and the Middle East described the piece in a statement as, “One of the greatest jewels designed by Cartier during the 1920s.” Other highlights of the auction include a pair of ruby and

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