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Dreaming of Gems

It’s not every day you get to see high-end or award-winning jewelry. Even if you may only be able to wear them in your dreams, they’re just as aesthetically pleasing when viewed from afar! For some fashion inspiration, we’re sharing a few jaw-dropping gems and some everyday pieces from members of the American Gem Society (AGS).
X-Tension 2010 Winner by The Inspired Collection.

An extendable bathroom mirror was the inspiration behind X-Tension, an award-winning white and yellow gold necklace holding a trillion cut green tourmaline, designed by Nigel Wong of The Inspired Collection. “Fascinated by the concertina-like movements of the extendable mirror I was moved to create a necklace that transported the mirror’s mechanical application onto a platform of beauty,” says Nigel. The name, X-Tension, also reflects the amount of time it took to complete this piece. The necklace took over 90 hours and it was a true labor of love!

Looking for some more exquisite pieces featuring green tourmaline? Erica Courtney and Simon G. Jewelry have different shades of green tourmaline jewelry that’ll make you feel like you’re wearing pieces straight off the runway.

Green Tourmaline and Diamond Ring by Erica Courtney.
Green Tourmaline and Diamond Ring by Simon G. Jewelry
We know how unique and spectacular an opal can be, especially when it’s featured in a highly recognized piece! This “electric blue” black opal and diamond necklace from John Ford’s Lightning Ridge Collection is a two-time American Gem Trade Association 2016 Spectrum award winner. Ford won platinum honors in both the evening wear division and the daywear division. This one-of-a-kind necklace rose to stardom even further when it was featured on Hollywood Today!
“Electric Blue” Black Opal and Diamond Necklace by John Ford’s Lightning Ridge Collection.

We might not be able to get our hands on an AGTA award-winning piece, but we can get a little closer with these eye-catching opal designs!

Black Boulder Opal and Diamond Earrings by Brad Garman Designs.
Discover more pieces that inspire your dreams by finding an AGS jeweler near you.