Security You Can Count On

Being a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to the mission of consumer protection, AGS Laboratories understands the importance of the security of its diamond grading reports.

If you have an AGS Laboratories diamond grading report, take a close look at it. Have you ever noticed any of the security features? Some are apparent and some are hidden. We feel you should know about the six security steps AGS Laboratories has taken to ensure the authenticity and security of your diamond grading report.

If a document is misprinted, it will be securely discarded. 

#1 – Paper

Just like U.S. currency, the paper used to create your diamond grading report is tracked with. When documents need to be printed, the paper is taken from its secure location, counted, and then signed out. 

#2 – Hologram

Each document contains a special hologram unique to AGS Laboratories. 

#3 – Barcode

Each document has its own unique barcode, which is just one more way the security of your document is reinforced.

#4 – QR Code

At the top of each document appears a Quick Response (QR) code, which can be scanned with any smartphone or tablet. The QR code ties in with the AGS number. The QR code will connect to the report verification page on the and websites.

#5 – Unifraction Embossing

On the reverse side of the document, you will see something that looks like a hologram but is, in fact, a proprietary security mark woven into the paper. Examples of unifraction embossing can be found on some foreign currency.

unifraction1 (1)

#6 – Lamination

The lamination on your document keeps it looking like new. It protects against damage from liquids, the transfer of oils from our skin, paper-loving vermin, and the general wear and tear of time. It’s also bonded to the document; if one attempts to peel it off, it will destroy the document.

Ensuring Your Protection

So, there you have it: the six security features on your AGS Laboratories diamond grading report. These six features can only be found on full and half page documents. Go ahead and count them. Scan the QR code. Be confident you have an authentic and secure document in your hands.

We know shopping for a diamond or diamond jewelry is a big investment, and at times can be intimidating. Always ask for an AGS Laboratories Diamond Grading Report to help you make an informed purchase. And, be sure to shop with an American Gem Society credentialed jeweler. They will explain your desired diamond’s AGS Laboratories Diamond Grading Report, as well as tell you about the qualities and characteristics that make your diamond unique.