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Sustaining Firm Spotlight: Somewhere In The Rainbow Collection

Somewhere In The Rainbow Collection partners with reputable gem dealers who promote safe mining practices, premier lapidary and modern jewelry artists, and top craftspeople. Then, they combine these remarkable talents into a collection called “The Rainbow.”

“We offer these works of art to museums, gemological organizations, retail stores, guilds, trade shows, and academic groups to share their passion and inspire learning,” says Shelly Sergent, Curator of Somewhere In The Rainbow Collection. “It’s truly a one-of-a-kind job, and I count my blessings daily as we create new paths for education.”

How did this incredible collection begin? Shelly explains, “We started as a husband-and-wife team who wanted to create a few shiny baubles. We grew as their passions, knowledge, curiosity, and relationships began forming.” They formed their evolving educational platform in 2012–2013, known as Somewhere In The Rainbow, “Because a Vault Is No Place for Fine Gems and Jewels.” The journey has been filled with trials, triumphs, and surprises, as any good journey worth talking about should be.

Dancing Waves
"Dancing Waves" 57 carat Santa Maria aquamarine set in platinum. This award-winning neckpiece is at the Alfie Norville Gem and Mineral Museum.

If you’re looking to view some of these incredible collections, Somewhere In The Rainbow is a featured exhibitor and founding member of the new, state-of-the-art Alfie Norville Gem and Mineral Museum in Tucson, Arizona.

“The museum is named after Mrs. Alfie Norville,” says Shelly. “She and her husband, Allan, are the founders of the Gems and Jewelry Exchange (GJX) show held yearly in Tucson. The museum and its collections run under the umbrella of the University of Arizona, which has displayed a collection of minerals for over 100 years! We hope to show parts of our collection there for as long as they have us.”

Somewhere In The Rainbow is also featured at the Harvard Mineral Museum until early 2023. “It’s a true honor to be amongst some fabulous specimens and community,” says Shelly. In addition, they have an exciting exhibit planned with Lizzadro Museum in Chicago, expected to open in November 2022. Shelly adds, “We are always on the road, sharing exhibit pieces and stories with our gem communities.”

Shelly is a regular presenter with the AGS Guilds. “I’d like to thank the AGS organization, Guilds, store owners, and employees; Meier Opalek for ‘softly’ coercing me into becoming an AGS speaker. And I want to tell each of you how much I enjoy sharing with your stores and your Guilds!”

Shelly continues, “I connect with awesome individuals and communities every time I am asked to speak, and I learn as much as I teach! Your mission aligns with Somewhere In The Rainbow’s, and interacting with your peeps is always so much fun. It’s an honor and a joy!”

At Conclave 2022 in Oklahoma City, OK, Shelly Sergent was awarded the 2021 Sallie Morton Award, presented to individuals who go above and beyond for the AGS Guilds. “I was so surprised and touched—thank you,” says Shelly.

Visit to learn more about these incredible collections.