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Supplier Spotlight: Krainz Creations

For over 30 years, Krainz Creations has designed award-winning luxury jewelry that has been seen worldwide at Red Carpet events and worn by anyone who enjoys expressing themselves through jewelry. Some of their unique designs can take close to a year to complete!

Owner and president of Krainz Creations, Roland Krainz, was born in Austria and began working in the jewelry industry in 1981. After four years of apprenticeship and graduating with honors, he moved to the United States in 1989 for better opportunities.

After years of working for others, Roland founded his business in 1995 and started repairing/designing jewelry alone in his apartment, keeping two simple theories in mind: The Golden Rule—the principle of treating others as you want to be treated—along with delivering high quality for a fair price.

“That simple and powerful approach is still how I run my business today,” says Roland. “Treat others as I wish to be treated and deliver the best value to anyone that chooses to work with me and my team. I am humbled and honored for all the recognition and awards won, yet nothing is more gratifying than now having the opportunity to now give back to others!”

How does Krainz give back to others? They currently partner with several non-profit organizations that focus on improving happiness and health, especially for women and children, such as Safe Horizons, Coalition for the Homeless, and Jewelers for Children. Krainz also does what they can to help support new designers in the industry.

“We offer any designer to come to our New York office and use our facilities at no charge to create their unique designs.” Roland adds, “We do this as we wish to inspire the artisan in them and hope to inspire others to work in our industry.” This program recently started as they were able to complete their new state-of-the-art facility in the 580 building on 47th street in the New York Diamond District.

Roland Krainz
CEO and President, Krainz Creations
Happy Circle Ring designed with ceramic that surrounds .28pts in diamonds and set in platinum, and comes in a variety of colors.

Fun fact about Roland: he races Porsches! You may have seen some of his posts on the AGS members-only Facebook Group. We asked him to give us some more insight into this fast and fun sport.

“Racing is much like the AGS community: like-minded people, highly educated about the sport, and you have amazing friendships. The series I race in is very precise, much like the jewelry I make. It is the Porsche Sprint Challenge where everything must be from Porsche. All the cars are identical from horsepower to tires, the weight of the car to every nut and bolt in the car.

After each race, the car and driver are inspected to ensure every one is the same. So, the races are truly about the skill of the driver, not who has the most horsepower. There is nothing more fun for me than putting my skill against the best and racing on the most iconic tracks in the USA!”

What’s coming up for Krainz Creations? As mentioned, they just finished their new manufacturing facility in New York and invite anyone to visit!

Roland gives the details: “It is 14,000 sq ft with a 2,000 sq ft balcony looking at the Empire State Building; a showroom and conference room where AGS members can use it as their own while in New York. There is nothing like this facility in New York and where we can custom create one amazing piece or make thousands of pieces for any member. We will be having a Grand Opening on January 14, 2022, so AGS members can stop by if they are in town for the 24K event!”

If you’d like more information about Krainz Creations’ Grand Opening, or about their program supporting new designers, contact James Dimick at 475.279.8658 or [email protected].