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Supplier Spotlight: Furrer Jacot

For over 150 years, Furrer Jacot has created high quality, handmade jewelry. There are many things that set them apart, besides being an independently-owned company with 100% Swiss-made products. The production process is one of them.

“All of our products are produced in-house in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, starting with an extruded blank; there is no stamping or casting of any kind,” says Zoe Grillo, client relations manager at Furrer Jacot. “The precious metals we use have zero porosity which makes them stronger, harder, and more elastic.”

Furrer Jacot does not do mass production or stock; all their rings are made to order per the customer’s wishes. This allows for human emotion to be attached to them, from operating the CNC machine to hand polishing and hand engraving.

Furrer Jacot has launched multiple iconic designs such as their link and origami rings and won multiple design awards including the UK Jewelry Award and Men’s Couture Design Award. In 2011, Furrer Jacot launched its carbon fiber collection and repositioned the brand’s DNA to True and Uniquely – One Ring at a Time.

In men’s wedding bands, Furrer Jacot is seeing a lot of rose gold. Zoe adds, “They will choose a more conservative profile but add a rose gold metal. It is a trend we are already loving!”

The “Armadillo” ring created by Lucas Ruppli, is a design that most Furrer Jacot clients haven’t seen yet. “This design was inspired by the armadillo’s cascading skin,” says Zoe. “When the armadillo feels threatened, it rolls into a ball protecting itself. The ‘scales’ or panels of the ring are high-polished and act as a mirror to reflect the light. It is a beautiful and fun ring!”

Lucas Ruppli is currently working on a new collection for Furrer Jacot, and as most designers, is secretive about it. They hope to launch his new designs this summer at the Couture show in Las Vegas, NV.

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In 2017, Furrer Jacot joined the American Gem Society (AGS). “We have always known AGS to be a highly esteemed and exclusive organization that our clients were a part of,” says Zoe. “To their suggestion, we became a member, and it has been an honor to join the AGS community. Meeting fellow members and continuing to learn with the AGS tools has been extremely rewarding.”