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Out of the Vault: Clarity Rarities

In the 4Cs of diamond grading, clarity is definitely an intriguing characteristic. What exactly is clarity? Diamonds can have internal characteristics known as inclusions or external characteristics known as blemishes. Clarity refers to the degree of these characteristics. As you can imagine, the gemologists at AGS Laboratories sometimes come across diamonds with very unusual clarity characteristics.
Here are two of these clarity wonders.

The first is one the AGS Laboratories’ gemologists have nicknamed, “The Happy Face.” Look at the white spots just to the left of the diamond’s center in what is known as the Table Facet. This photo was taken at 30x magnification with a  microscope.

smiley face _30x
Next up is another favorite of the gemologists at AGS Laboratories. They call it, “Hummingbird.” This image is at 50% magnification. Look at the top right part of the diamond and you’ll see a winged crystal figure.Hummingbird_50x
In grading diamonds, the gemologists at AGS Laboratories use their expertise to analyze the size, nature, number, location, and relief of the inclusions and blemishes to decide what clarity grade is most appropriate for a diamond. 
Interesting note: blemishes typically have less impact on the clarity of a diamond than inclusions.

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