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ASET® Information

The American Gem Society ASET® provides a quick and easy — yet sophisticated — way to assess a diamond’s interaction with light. The name ASET® stands for Angular Spectrum Evaluation Tool, and the device was developed to be used with the performance-based American Gem Society Diamond Cut Grading System.

The tool’s design and the procedures for using it are simple. However, the results reflect one of the most important discoveries to come from the research for the current performance-based system. Handheld and desktop models are available.

The ASET® does not supply all the detailed information that can be obtained from an optical measuring device combined with the American Gem Society Performance Grading Software. However, with a little practice, a dealer or buyer can use it to gain a general idea about a diamond’s cut quality. The ASET® also is a great sales aid. In a retail presentation, it instantly can clarify some of the most critical technical points concerning cut quality.

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For information regarding Performance Grading of Mounted Diamonds please visit the The Performance-Based Cut Grading System page.