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October 7, 2022

Why Choose a Platinum Crown?

Rebecca Moskal, Vice President—Marketing, Platinum Guild International USA Most couples have thought about their dream engagement ring and will likely know what they want when visiting their local jewelry store. When shopping for an engagement ring, keep the metal in mind. Platinum is a good choice for its durability, providing a secure setting for a diamond or gemstone. What is a platinum crown? A platinum crown is an entirely platinum setting that sits on top of an engagement ring and secures the diamond or gemstone with its prongs. Why choose to be crowned in platinum? A platinum crown protects your

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Jewelry From an Era: Art Nouveau

By Isabelle Corvin, CG, Staff Gemologist at Panowicz Jewelers “New Art” is the meaning of “Art Nouveau.” An artistic era, or a movement if you prefer. It swept through the world, gaining popularity mainly between 1890-1910. Art Nouveau was a period of transition in the fine arts, moving from the old into the new. Art Nouveau acquired distinctly localized styles as its geographic influence increased, leading to many regional differences among the movement. However, some general characteristics are indicative of the form. Nature and curved lines heavily inspired this art; begin with a simple, natural shape and make it come

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