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2022 Recertification

Recertification Deadline: October 15, 2022, 11:59 p.m. PST

Welcome to the 2022 Recertification Resources page! Congratulations on your decision to renew your commitment to your professionalism. You’ll find everything you need to complete your 2022 recertification right here.

Your achievements shine bright with your designation or title from the American Gem Society. Anytime you can demonstrate to your clients that you are proactive about your education and training, and can apply that knowledge during the sales presentation, you build trust with your client. That trust can turn casual clients into lifelong ones!

The exam questions are based on the Abstract Booklet written by leading experts (inside and outside the jewelry industry) from the 2022 Conclave, webinars, and any other relevant information or updates occurring in our industry. The recertification is an open-book exam with no specific time limit to complete once the test has started. The passing score is 75% or better.

Can’t log in or have a question? Check out the FAQ section below, or email us at

Please enjoy this special message from Sarah Person, CG, Chair of the American Gem Society’s Education Committee.

Please click on the links below to download the Recertification Abstract Booklet and Exam Questions PDF. All titles and designations have the same documents.

Look for your title or designation logo at the top of each abstract to identify if it is required reading for your exam. The exam questionnaire marks where to stop depending on your title or designation.

To take the exam, log into AGS PRO by clicking the button below. The course is assigned to your individual account. Please use the login credentials provided in the recertification communications you received, or click here to reset your credentials.

You’ll find the recertification exam in the “My Courses” section of your dashboard or by selecting “My Learning” from the left menu.

Here is a great video tutorial to guide you through the process.

Purchasing a printed version of the recertification exam allows you to take the exam in writing and submit by mail.

In the mailing, you will receive:

  • Recertification Abstract Booklet
  • Recertification Exam – Mail Submission Exam

Please note: We will mail the recertification exam packet to you via USPS within seven business days of receiving payment.

The recertification exam must be received by the AGS offices by the due date of October 15, 2022. Please make sure to mail your exam with enough time for mailing handling and transport.

  1. The deadline for completion of the recertification exam is on or before October 15, 2022, 11:59 p.m. PST.
  2. The passing score is 75% or better.
  3. Late exam submissions may result in non-renewal of your title or designation, which may affect milestones and your firm's membership status. Individuals are able to reinstate their titles as outlined in the AGS Membership Manual "Reinstatement of Titles."
  4. Any Titleholder, Designee, or Affiliate not in compliance with these rules may be subject to non-renewal.
  5. By completing the recertification exam, you acknowledge and agree to the policies.

Once you have passed your recertification exam, share this significant achievement with your clients and community! You’re not only demonstrating your expertise, but you are also setting your business apart and leveraging your AGS membership to attract and retain clients, and ultimately increase sales.

Here are six ways you can promote your credentials:

1 – Display it. Frame your recent certification certificate of achievement, hang it up or place it in a high traffic place at your business. When clients notice it, you can educate them on what it stands for and what it means to them.

2 – Don’t forget your designee or titleholder logo. Download your logo here and add it on your website, email signature, business cards, letterhead, and social media—anywhere you know clients and colleagues will see it!

3 – Send out a press release. We’ve created press release templates that you can customize and send to your local press, and share with your clients. Click here to download the press release that corresponds with your designation or title.

4 – Submit a notification to your local business publication. Most of these publications provide an online submission form for readers to submit short notices sharing news of promotions, credentials, and other related updates. Here’s a sample template you can use for these purposes. Just copy, paste, and fill in the fields where indicated by brackets:

Sample notice:

[Your Name] with [Your Business] in [City] has been [fill in certified OR recertified] as a member of the American Gem Society (AGS) and has retained the title of [fill in title].

Successful completion of an annual recertification exam is required to maintain membership in the Society, a trade organization founded in 1934 and dedicated to proven ethics, knowledge, and consumer protection within the jewelry industry. The exam completed by [Your Name] covered questions relevant to gemology, the jewelry industry, and ethics, and are designed to ensure that its members have the most current information needed to provide clients with accurate and knowledgeable service.

Only one in twenty jewelers have met the exacting requirements necessary for membership. To join AGS, every member must go through a peer-reviewed application process followed by the annual recertification exam. To learn more, visit

5 – Share your achievement on social media. We’ve seen members promote their credentials in creative ways. Snap a photo of your printed certificate and ask your audience: “Do you know why this piece of paper is so important?” If you’re included on the Recertification Honor Roll, let everyone know! We’ve written social media-ready posts you can copy and share. Click here to access the Content Portal. You may be prompted to log in.

6 – Download your Digital Badge. You will be receiving an email from us indicating that your 2022 recertification digital badge is available for download. A digital badge is a graphical icon that indicates your credentials and accomplishments, and is displayed, accessed, and verified online. The badges can be added to your email signature, website, or social media. Go to to learn more!

How have you promoted your credentials? Join our members-only Facebook group and share your ideas. If you need assistance with the downloads or templates, contact Marketing at

For titleholders and designees that pass the recertification exam with a score of 100% on their first attempt, we recognize this terrific achievement by placing them on the Recertification Exam Honor Roll!

Those who are on the Honor Roll will receive:

  • An Honor Roll digital badge
  • Recognition in our weekly members-only Facebook group post called “Good News Tues”
  • Acknowledgment in an issue of our semi-monthly eNewsletter, Spectra Update

For titleholders and designees that pass the recertification exam with a score of 100% on their first attempt, we recognize this terrific achievement by placing them on the Recertification Exam Honor Roll!

Those who are on the Honor Roll will receive:

  • An Honor Roll digital badge
  • Recognition in our weekly members-only Facebook group post called “Good News Tues”
  • Acknowledgment in an issue of our semi-monthly eNewsletter, Spectra Update

Congratulations to these American Gem Society titleholders and designees who have received a score of 100% on their annual recertification exam!

Zahra Abdollahi, CG
Ben Bridge Jeweler

Wade Abel, CG
American Gem Society

Tsvika Abrahams, CSA
Padis Jewelry

Don E. Adams, RJ
Barnes Jewelry

Bryan C. Aderhold, CG
Nash James Enterprises LLC

Margarita Allen, CSA
Bailey’s Fine Jewelry

Paul Allen, RJ
Helzberg Diamonds

Elizabeth Allen, CSA
B.C. Clark, Inc.

Rebecca L. Aloise, RJ
Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry

Karen Altman, CSA
B and E Jewelers

Irene G. Alvarez
Helzberg Diamonds

Lisa A. Anderson, CSA
Jewelers Mutual Group

Amber Aregoni, CSA
Rummele’s Jewelers

Jeffrey Arkin, CG
Adler’s Jewelers

Mark Arnold, RJ
Helzberg Diamonds #157

Jose E. Awill, RJ
Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry

Arpineh Babaian, CSA
La Maison D’Or

Clyde C. Bailey, CGA
Bailey’s Fine Jewelry

Carlos Barragan, RJ
Ben Bridge Jeweler #027

Donnell E. Battle, CSA
Bailey’s Fine Jewelry

M. Dale Bedsaul, RJ
Dale’s Jewelry

Joshua L. Bennett, CSA
Schulz & Son Jewelers

Elizabeth C. Berg, RJ
Underwood Jewelers

Ryan L. Berg, CG
Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry

Angela Bevill-Kohler, CSA
Smith & Bevill Jewelers

Carolyn M. Biacan, RJ
Helzberg Diamonds #639

Olivia Billet, CSA
Stuller, Inc.

Hannah R. Bing, CSA
Ford, Gittings and Kane Jewelers

Robert Bireley, CSA
Morrison Smith Jewelers

Erin Bitzan, RJ
D.J. Bitzan Jewelers

Peggy Blickhan, CG
Steve Quick Jeweler

Kelly Boddicker, RJ
Josephs Jewelers

Morgan Boudreaux, CSA
Stuller, Inc.

April Brady, CSA
Eric J. Loch Diamond Jewelers

Christopher L. Bramlett, CGA
Starnes Jewelers

Gretchen R. Braunschweiger, CG
Braunschweiger Jewelers

Amanda Brixius, CSA
Rummeles, Inc.

Frederick W. Bromberg, RJ
Bromberg & Company, Inc

Clayton Bromberg, CG
Underwood Jewelers

Maria Brown, RJ
Exclusively Diamonds

Meredith Brown, CSA
David Gardner’s

Bradley Brown, CSA
David Gardner’s

Michelle A. Broyles, CSA
Calvin Broyles Jewelers, Inc.

Paul J. Buchkosky, CGA
Buchkosky Jewelers

Clifton D. Burcham, CG
Fink’s Jewelers, Inc. #8

Tammy Buskirk, RJ
Helzberg Diamonds #648

Catherine Buss, CSA
O.C. Tanner Jewelers

Paula Butler, RJ
Helzberg Diamonds #142

William S. Carstens, Sr., RJ
C. A. Schnack Jewelry Co.

Christopher D. Carter, CG
Carter’s Jewel Chest

Donna G. Chafin, CSA
Tena’s Jewelry & Gifts

H. Daniel Chandler, RJ
Galloway & Moseley Jewelers, Inc.

Larry Chenoweth, RJ
Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry

Scott Christiansen, CGA
Mardon Jewelers

Coleman Clark
B.C. Clark, Inc.

Mitchell R. Clark, CG
B.C. Clark, Inc.

Charley Cliche, RJ
Helzberg Diamonds #263

Stephanie Coates, CSA
Knar Jewellery

Todd J. Condon, CGA
Condon Jewelers, Inc.

Dinah M. Condon, CG
Condon Jewelers, Inc.

Alexia Conger, CSA
Huntington Jewelers

Richard A. Connell, CSA
Calhoun Jewelers

Sherri Cook, CSA
Peter & Co. Jewelers

Crystal B. Cotter, CSA
B.C. Clark, Inc.

Tiffany Cramer, RJ
Helzberg Diamonds #333

Michael Cress, CSA
Denig Jewelers

Carol Dailey, CSA
Van Cott Fine Jewelry

Julie Daughtry, CG
Kirkland Jewelry

Hal K. Davis, RJ
Hal Davis Jewelers

Brendon R. Davis, RJ
Thomas A. Davis Jeweler

Alicia J. De Jesus, CSA
Knar Jewellery

Hayley J. de Thiersant, CG
Hill & Company

Raleigh Denig, CSA
Denig Jewelers

Matthew Deppe, RJ
Lux Bond & Green

Douglas DeWane, CSA
Rummele’s Jewelers

Maggie Dewar, CSA
Alyea’s Jewellers Ltd

Natasha Digius, CG
Diamond Boutique

Grant Dorangrichia, CG
N. Fox Jewelers

Danielle Dowden, RJ
Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry

Kara Dulhanty, CSA
Hal Davis Jewelers

Janet L. Ebner
Armel Jewelers

Nicole Edwards, CSA
B.C. Clark, Inc.

Sam F. Edwards, CGA
Sam Edwards Jewelers

Mollie R. Effler, CG
William Effler Jewelers

Carrie Ehlers, CSA
Exclusively Diamonds

Kim Elton, CSA
Peter & Co. Jewelers

Mary Elzey, RJ
Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry

James Ernst, CSA
Gleim the Jeweler

Stephanus (Bert) Esterhuysen, CG
Union Gems

Charla Farley, RJ
Baker & Baker Jewelers, Inc.

Jonathan D. Farnsworth, CG
Parle Jewelry Designs

Jade Fay, RJ
Hug Jewelers

Edgar H. Fey III, CGA
Fey & Company

Elizabeth Finrow, RJ
Skeie’s Jewelers

Megin Flitter, CSA
Exclusively Diamonds

Gloria Ford, RJ
Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry

Carolyn Fox, CG
Fox Fine Jewelry

William Frailey, RJ
Helzberg Diamonds

Susan Gardner, RJ
Helzberg Diamonds #179

Briana L. Gartin, RJ
Ben Bridge Jeweler #018

David Gaston, CSA
Hal Davis Jewelers

Alexandra N. Genna, CSA
Genna Jewelers

Valerie Giff, CSA
Davidson’s Jewellers

Jared Gilreath, CSA
B.C. Clark, Inc.

Christine Goer, CSA
Martin Jewelers

Benjamin Golan, RS
Shula, LTD.

Mark D. Goodman, CG
Goodman Jewelers

Adam P. Graham, CSA
Joshua J. Fine Jewelry

Scott R. Granger, RJ
Underwood Jewelers

John W. Grant III, CG
J.C. Grant Company

Joseph S. Grant, RJ
J.C. Grant Company

Jennifer A. Graves, CSA
Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry

Jodi L. Gregory, CSA
Sorg Jewelers

Kyle G. Guertin, CSA
Lewis Jewelers

Brian K. Gunderson, CGA
Gunderson’s Jewelers

Alisha Halberstadt, RJ
Helzberg Diamonds

Nicholas Hamm, CSA
Romance Diamond Co., LLC.

Sara Hansen, CSA
Exclusively Diamonds

Ashley Harbison, CSA
Wilson & Son Jewelers

Jessica Harden, CSA
La Maison D’Or

Martin E. Harmon, CG

Mary C. Harris, RJ
Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry

Kim Hartman, CSA
Parle Jewelry Designs

Penny A. Hauge, CG
Harold Jaffe Jewelers

Kenneth W. Haydon, CGA
Haydon & Company

Ed Haynes, RJ
Helzberg Diamonds

Rebecca J. Heaton, RJ
Helzberg Diamonds #189

TJ Hendrix II, RJ
Ben Bridge Jeweler

Adam Henning, CSA
B.C. Clark, Inc.

Jeffrey R. Hicks, RJ
Lolli’s Jewelry Etc., Inc.

Marc Hildebrand, RJ
Helzberg Diamonds #114

Melissa L. Hirneise, RJ
Underwood Jewelers

Eric Holguin, RJ
Helzberg Diamonds #151

Olijuwan G. Holmes, RJ
Helzberg Diamonds #637

Marlin B. Hood, RJ
Bromberg & Company, Inc.

Nancy Hotard, CSA
Stuller, Inc.

Chien Fen Huang, CG
Fredric H. Rubel Jewelers

Shawna L. Hunt, RJ
Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry

Andrea Iten, CSA
Exclusively Diamonds

Ivan G. Jaffe, CGA
Harold Jaffe Jewelers

Rajesh Jain, RS
Samsara Creations, Inc.

Mark Jarvis, RJ
Helzberg Diamonds

Shelley C. Josefik, CSA
Ashley Jewellers-Gemologists

Debra K. Joseph, RJ
Josephs Jewelers

Brad Kaminski, CGA
Peter & Co. Jewelers

Frank J. Kassees, RJ
Helzberg Diamonds #162

Jesse Kelly, CSA
Pieter Andries Jewelers

Mardo Kiladjian, CG
Supreme Jewelry

Kay Kostelny, CG
Jewelers Mutual Group

Antoinette Kramar, CSA
Orin Jewelers, Inc.

Michael Kranich, Jr., RJ
Kranich’s Jewelers, Inc.

Heather Kuehl, CSA
Armel Jewelers

Melissa Lancaster, CSA
Exclusively Diamonds

Tiffany Landers, CSA
Jewelsmith, Inc.

Marilynn J. Lane, CG
Fredric H. Rubel Jewelers

Sarah Larkin, CSA
Underwood Jewelers

Sarah Lay, CGA
Malashock’s Jewelry Co.

Ramiro Leal, CSA
Helzberg Diamonds #351

Lucian R. Lee Jr., RJ
Hale’s Jewelers

Karen Y. Lee, RJ
Ben Bridge Jeweler #040

Judy G. Lemon, RJ
Helzberg Diamonds #637

Lisa Lilly, CSA
Lux Bond & Green – Exec. Office

Reyna  Love, RJ
Helzberg Diamonds #155

Rebekah Luplow, RJ
Ben Bridge Jeweler #013

Ruth Ann Lynn, CG
Hale’s Jewelers

Brittany D. Mackay, RJ
Gordons Gold Jewellers

Melinda MacLachlan, CSA
Waterfall Jewelers

Glenn Markman, CG
Facets of Fire

Glenda Marshall, CG
Rapaport USA

Adam Martinez, RJ
Helzberg Diamonds #155

Samantha T. Martinez, RJ
Helzberg Diamonds #146

Isabel Martinez, RJ
Ben Bridge Jeweler #048

Danielle Mascio, CGA
Huntington Gem Lab, LLC dba HGL Certified Jewelry Appraisers

Jesse A. Mason, RJ
Josephs Jewelers

Gwendolynne May, CG

Jodi A. McCallum, CG
Independent Jewellers Ltd.

David McConnell, CG
The King’s Jewelers

Nicky P. Mehta, RS
Diamond Days Promotions, Inc.

Brooke Melius, CSA
Exclusively Diamonds

Bryce Melius, CSA
Exclusively Diamonds

Bjorn S. Merisheki, RS
Roger Dery Gem Design

Sarah Merkling, RJ
Underwood Jewelers

Carmela E. Meulstee, RJ
Helzberg Diamonds #151

William Miller, RJ
Helzberg Diamonds #080

Brandi Miller, RJ
Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry

Mona L.  Miller, ICGA
Pacific Gem Lab

Steven R. Miller, CGA
MJ Christensen Diamonds

Heather A. Miller, CSA
Sorg Jewelers

Chrystal Misener, CSA
Jim Kryshak Jewelers Inc.

Stephanie M. Monroe, CSA
Jewelers Mutual Group

Kristen Murin, CG
Bailey’s Fine Jewelry

Sarah Nanasi Russell, CG
Nanasi Enterprises, Inc.

Bryan Nash, CG
Nash Jewellers

Rita Newell, RJ
Helzberg Diamonds #289

Libby Newman, CSA
Lewis Jewelers

Amber Rose Nord, RJ
Helzberg Diamonds #082

Cara Nygren, CSA
Lewis Jewelers

Anne O’Brien, CG
Kern Jewelers

Mary O’Connor, CSA
State Street Jewelers

Victor Ohanesian, RJ
Ben Bridge Jeweler #025

Jessica Olson, RJ
Maxon Fine Jewelry

Don Overstreet
Overstreet Jewelry, Inc.

Teresa Owens, RJ
Ben Bridge Jeweler

Karen Oxland, CSA
MJ Harrington & Co.

Alexis Padis, CGA
Padis Jewelry

Kristen Patrick, CSA
Sorg Jewelers

Bradley C. Pear, ICGA
Pacific Gem Lab

Cristalle Pelfrey, CSA
B.C. Clark, Inc.

Sarah B. Person, CG
Exclusively Diamonds

Marina Pilibosian, CG
Birmingham Jewelry

Elizabeth Polk, CG
American Gem Society

Chelsea D. Pomeroy, CSA
Mimi et Cie

Leslie Powers, CSA
Helzberg Diamonds #626

Sara Beth Prendeville, CG
Brown & Company Jewelers

Dawn Pressley, RJ
Helzberg Diamonds #269

Dror Price, RS

Berrin Puckett, RJ
Helzberg Diamonds #162

Timothy Quinn, RJ
Springer’s Jewelers

Jodi Radtke, CSA
Jim Kryshak Jewelers Inc.

Kiran Ramola, CSA
Knar Jewellery

Amber Rank, CSA
Exclusively Diamonds

Amy S. Rausch, CGA
Mountz Jewelers

Randolph E. Reider, CG
Garwood’s Jewelers

Debra S. Reider, CG
Garwood’s Jewelers

Boz Renninger, CSA
Calhoun Jewelers

Judy K. Rhynas, CG
Rhynas Jewelers

Kenneth R. Rhynas, RJ
Rhynas Jewelers

Denise L. Richards, CGA
Underwood Jewelers

Michael Richards, CG
Underwood Jewelers

Bradley Risen, CG
Josephs Jewelers

Deanna M. Roberts, RJ
B.C. Clark, Inc.

Alan W. Rodriguez, CGA
House of Stones

Leonardo A. Rodriguez, RJ
Helzberg Diamonds #219

Charles C. Root, CG
Form To Feeling

Linda C. Ross, CSA
Bailey’s Fine Jewelry

Gary W. Rubel, CGA
Fredric H. Rubel Jewelers

Joy D. Rudkin, RJ
Christensen & Rafferty Fine Jewelry

Kimberly A. Russell, RJ
Frank Adams Jewelers, Inc.

Alexander R. Rysman, CG
Romm Diamonds

Gladys R. Rysman, RJ
Romm Diamonds

Rebecca Sampson, RJ
Hobbs Jewelers, Inc.

Marielle Sarginson, CG
The King’s Jewelers

Kaori Sawyer, RJ
Ben Bridge Jeweler #063

Charles R. Scanlan, CGA
Pierce Jewelers

Richard Schmidt, RJ
Helzberg Diamonds #139

Susan D. Schoon, CSA
Roth Jewelers

Patricia A. Schrag, CG
Gemstone Jewelers, Inc.

Janette Seibert, CGA
Jack Seibert, Goldsmith & Jeweler

Shaquat Shafaat, RJ
Helzberg Diamonds #170

Salim Y. Shamy, CSA
Bromberg & Company, Inc.

Andrea J. Sharp, RJ
Helzberg Diamonds #197

Tricia Sharp, RJ
Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry

Katherine E. Shay, CG
Scott & Co. Fine Jewelers

James C. Shick, CG
Kern Jewelers

Hiroko Shirai, CG
Ben Bridge Jeweler #040

Igor Sirochinsky, CSA
Venus Jewelers

Courtney Sivard, CSA
B.C. Clark, Inc.

Stephanie Sowder, CSA
Exclusively Diamonds

Dawn Sperling, CSA
Grandis Jewellers

Adam Steel, CG
Steel’s Jewelry

Pam Steinke, CSA
Lasker Jewelers

Wendy M. Stevens, CSA
Grandis Jewellers

Mark Stoe, RJ
Helzberg Diamonds #135

Aaron Sturges-Melby, RJ
Melby’s Jewelers

Carol K. Sturhahn, CSA
Sturhahn Jewelers

Joshua Summers, CSA
Orin Jewelers, Inc.

David R. Swanson, CGA
Swanson Jewelers, Inc.

Sarah Thomas, RJ
Helzberg Diamonds #162

Wendy D. Thymian, CSA
Wimmer’s Diamonds

Diane Toapanta, RJ
Helzberg Diamonds

Ethan Toon, CSA
Jewelry Studio

Joann Tracy, RJ
Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry

Sarah Trott, CSA
Exclusively Diamonds

Tonia L. Ulsh, CGA
Mountz Jewelers

Mary L. Utoft, RJ
Helzberg Diamonds #333

Linh T. Van, RJ
Ben Bridge Jeweler #002

Samantha Van Thiel, CSA
Jewelers Mutual Group

Louise VanSlyke, CSA
Olufson Designs

Samuel F. Varney III, RJ
Helzberg Diamonds

Kurt J. Viehbeck, CG
Goldsmith Jewelers, Inc.

Tina R. Vourliotis, CSA
Goldsmith Jewelers, Inc.

Lauri A. Wagner, CSA
Reimer Jewelers, Inc.

Madison Webster, CSA
Peter & Co. Jewelers

Stephen Webster, RJ
Helzberg Diamonds

Dina M. Wederski, RJ
Helzberg Diamonds #080

Jennifer Wendland, CSA
Exclusively Diamonds

Holly Wesche, CG
Wesche Jewelers

Michael West, CGA
R.F. Moeller Jeweler

Richard K. Westphal, CG
R. Westphal Jeweler/Gemologist

Olivia Whitby, CSA
Byard F. Brogan, Inc.

Debbie Whitman, CSA
Jeweler’s Touch

Sandi Wilder, CSA
Knar Jewelery

Matthew H. Wilson, CG
Wilson & Son Jewelers

Brian K. Wilson, CGA
Royal Diadem

Michael M. Wilson, CG
Wilson & Son Jewelers

Heather Wood, CSA
C. A. Schnack Jewelry Co.

Angela Woodward, RJ
Helzberg Diamonds #311

Joan Worth, CSA
Morrison Smith Jewelers

Lezhi Wu, RJ
Christensen & Rafferty Fine Jewelry

Madison Wycoff, CSA
Fox Fine Jewelry

"Every year we look forward to the Recertification Exam from AGS because we learn so much from it. The AGS study guide is rich and comprehensive in content. It covers many topics on business management, gemology, marketing, salesmanship, security and appraising. We are able to use this content to hold meetings throughout the year for our staff. The AGS Recertification Exam keeps us cutting edge and progressive as we stay informed on topics that influence our success as a business and jeweler. We know education and training is a key to providing a memorable, rewarding and legendary experience for our clients."
Sarah Person, CG
Exclusively Diamonds
"As a proud member of the American Gem Society, I can safely say that I believe there are many benefits to our membership, but the most important is our AGS titles. The titleholders on our team, proudly display their credentials on their business cards and tout them at the counter to their clients. It establishes them as an expert and silently assures the consumer that we are here to help guide their decisions with sound gemological education. Our titles change our people which, in turn, changes our business."
John Carter, CGA
Jack Lewis Jewelers
“American Gem Society credentials are powerful because they instill knowledge and confidence in our team. Our top associates seek out their titles to grow their business and as validation of their expertise for themselves and for their customers.”
Lisa Bridge, CG
Ben Bridge Jewelers
“Having held a title from the American Gem Society for almost 20 years, I can say the importance of the title and the confidence it gives is invaluable. With stricter requirements for membership and an annual re-certification required to keep your title, you can really stick out from your competition. That commitment to education and consumer protection has to start at the top. And it's far more than getting a title and stopping. An American Gem Society title is really a start point and a foundation for continuing your education.”
Joel Hassler, ICGA
Von Hassle Jewelry Advisors
“The annual recertification exam is something I look forward to each year, as my CGA title is very important to my career.

As an AGS member, I am in the company of highly respected and well-known industry professionals that are held to a very high standard. They share ideas and collaborate on appraisal education and willfully offered guidance and help at every turn.

I use my AGS education in the appraising world which has propelled my career to a much higher level of professionalism. Now, I serve as a mentor for others that are working on their CGA certification and with that opportunity of helping others, I in turn learn even more.”
Marc Altman, CGA
B & E Jewelers and Gemologist

The American Gem Society (AGS) will send an email and letter to the addresses we have listed for you. In addition, we will continue to communicate with you throughout the recertification period.

Please contact us if you have not received notification about your recertification exam by July 15, 2022.

You can download the abstracts as a PDF by clicking here.

To take the exam, click here to log into AGS PRO. View a helpful video tutorial here to guide you through the process.

You’ll find the recertification exam in the “My Courses” section of your AGS PRO dashboard or by selecting “My Learning” from the left menu.

You may be logged into your firm’s account instead of your individual account. Please use the login credentials provided in the recertification communications you received, or click here to reset your credentials.

Did you recently earn your title? Titles earned on or after December 1, 2021, do not need to take the 2022 recertification. Instead, you’ll take your first recertification in 2023.

If you still don’t see the exam, contact us.

Our team has created a video tutorial for you! Please click here to watch.

Titleholders and designees attached to member firms will be billed an annual recertification fee upon launch of the recertification exam. Invoices are billed to the firm once the recertification period opens. This ensures your firm only supports titleholders and designees who are qualified to carry their credentials upon completing their recertification exam.

If payment for the recertification fee invoice is not received within the 62-day grace period, the individual’s title or designation may not be renewed.

We apologize for the inconvenience! Sometimes when there’s a large number of people trying to access the exam at once, you may receive an error message. Please log out and try again in 10 minutes. If the problem persists, contact us.

If you have an emergency or a medical reason that won’t allow you to complete the recertification exam during that time, please contact us by August 15, 2022, to discuss an alternate timeline.

We understand that focusing on your business is your priority. Our hope is that the current timeframe allows enough time for you to complete the recertification exam. If you cannot complete the exam, it may result in the non-renewal of your title, which may affect milestones and your firm’s membership status.

Individuals are able to reinstate their titles as outlined in the AGS Membership Manual, “Reinstatement of Titles.” However, this may require additional education to be completed, including the AGS Way Course, previous outstanding recertification exams, and additional fees.

When a firm member loses its last titleholder, it will have two (2) years to employ a titleholder. If the firm is unable to complete this, it may result in the loss of membership.

You will have to reinstate your title as outlined in the AGS Membership Manual, “Reinstatement of Titles.” This may require additional education to be completed, including the AGS Way Course, previous outstanding recertification exams, and additional fees. Contact us when you’re ready to reinstate!

The recertification exam is open book, so you can reference the abstracts provided. If you don’t pass the first time, you may retake it before the deadline. A passing score on the exam is a 75%.

Yes, recertification of your AGS title or designation is what sets it apart as a true professional credential! The recertification exam is also an excellent resource for ongoing professional development. 

All active AGS titleholders and designees who have earned their title or designation before December 1, 2021, are required to recertify.