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The Power of Pearls

We’ve heard that history repeats itself. Pearls embody that saying as they are a timeless trend, again and again. They’ve grown from a symbol of status to a status of style. Over the past few years, pearls have remained a trend with different shapes, colors, and sizes. AGS members like Krainz Creations have kept up with the latest!

These earrings have been described as a pearl with ocean colors. You can find these button-shaped earrings from Krainz Creations and so much more on our Trending Now page. As we look forward to the newest trends, we can also look back to who and what made them popular in the past. Jackie Kennedy famously wore three-row faux pearls. Many of her sets, which were a staple in her wardrobe, had a special purpose or size matching her sophisticated style that inspired the future of everyday looks.

Amazing pearl necklaces and bangles like these from Assael are trending this summer! These uniquely shaped three Baroque South Sea Pearl necklaces with white gold clasps are perfect for this season’s styles and the yellow gold center of the Forever Bangle beautifully complements the rose overtones from the Akoya Pearls.

Many women in power are often photographed in pearls and Vice President, Kamala Harris, is one of them. During her undergraduate years at Howard University, she joined Alpha Kappa Alpha, one of the nation’s oldest black sororities, which uses pearls as a symbolic element.  She carried her love for pearls and her sorority all the way to the Democratic National Convention where she accepted the vice-presidential nomination by wearing a South Sea pearl necklace with gold chain links.  

Pearls on chains have become one of the hottest trends this year because of the bold chain paired with the femininity of pearls. As new pearl trends continue to emerge, our members like Brevani have mixed modern and classic designs like these yellow gold earrings featuring a stunning pearl.

ASBA USA, Inc. highlights the beauty of the Queen of Gems with an elegant pearl and diamond ring.

To learn more about the power of pearls and where you can purchase them, find an AGS jeweler at

Check out our “All About Birthstones” Series on YouTube. This month’s video stars Anil Maloo, president of Baggins, Inc. He shares his expertise on the luminous beauty of Akoya, Tahitian, and South Sea pearls.