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  • Cut is the main driver in a diamond’s sparkle, and can determine over 50% of a diamond’s value. AGS Laboratories pioneered the Cut grade for diamond grading. Always #AskforAGS.
  • There are 4Cs to consider when buying a diamond. Learn about them all here:
  • Did you know that a diamond’s cut says a lot about its sparkle? Learn more here:
  • There are a number of things to consider when buying an engagement ring. Here are two important ones: 1) Find a professional jeweler who stays on top of his/her gemological training. 2) Ask for a diamond grading report from AGS Laboratories, the only lab created to protect you, the consumer. Here’s a good place to start to learn more:
  • Pro tip: when buying a diamond, ask for an AGS Laboratories grading report. They are a nonprofit diamond grading lab created to protect the consumer. They also grade to the highest standards, so you can feel comfortable that you understand and know the quality of the diamond you are buying. #KnowYourLab
  • AGS Ideal® applies only to the finest cut diamonds and is recognized worldwide as the pinnacle for the diamond cut grade. It’s not an Ideal unless it is an AGS Ideal.
  • When shopping for diamonds or engagement rings, ask to see diamonds that come with a grading report from AGS Laboratories. They offer diamond grading reports based on science and provide an objective analysis of the 4Cs so you know exactly what you’re getting.
  • When buying something as rare and precious as a diamond, it’s important to have a diamond grading report from a reputable, independent laboratory. These reports, while important, can be a bit dry to read. Only My Diamond® from AGS Laboratories, brings the diamond grading report to life. Learn more at
  • You love your diamond, and naturally, you want your friends and family to see how great it is. Only My Diamond® lets you tell the story of your diamond with your loved ones!
  • Brown diamonds are a beautiful option when looking for fine jewelry. The Colored Diamond Document from AGS Laboratories easily explains the quality characteristics of your diamond. Learn more about it in this quick video. #AskforAGS

Mission Statement

The American Gem Society (AGS) is a nonprofit trade association of fine jewelry professionals dedicated to setting, maintaining and promoting the highest standards of ethical conduct and professional behavior through education, accreditation, recertification of its membership, gemological standards, and gemological research.

The Society is committed to providing educational products to inform and protect the consumer and to contributing to the betterment of the trade by creating industry standards to protect the jewelry-buying public and the fine jewelry industry as a whole.

AGS Laboratories, founded to support the AGS mission, is a nonprofit diamond grading laboratory with a mission of consumer protection. Adhering to the AGS Diamond Grading Standards, AGS Laboratories is dedicated to offering diamond grading reports that provide consistency and accuracy based on science.

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