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Planning a
Valentine's proposal?

It's Valentine's Day, what better time to plan the perfect proposal. American Gem Society knows how stressful popping the question can be, and we want to help make your moment memorable. In addition to the information on this website, program your phone with our hotline number 1-855-GROOM2B. where you will find more tips for the big day. And don't forget to enter the Perfect Proposal Contest for a chance to win a romantic weekend getaway to Las Vegas!

Here are American Gem Society's top tips for planning the
perfect proposal.

It's not a competition

We know that guys can be competitive. However, your marriage proposal is not the time to try to show-up your best friend or your brother with a bigger, better and more awesome "knee drop and question-pop." Your friends might think its cool that the UFC announcer stopped a fight so you could propose in the octagon, but will the person you are proposing to think its cool? If you are concerned about impressing other people with your proposal, then you need to rethink your entire plan. Only two people matter during the proposal, and neither one of them is your brother.

Details matter

Every piece of the proposal should be carefully crafted to reflect who you are as a couple. Whether you're shy or outgoing, prefer hiking or biking, are spontaneous or a detailed planner… the best proposal will be the one that perfectly fits both of your personalities.You have probably thought about the ring, the location, when you're going to pop the question and what you're going to say. Once you have the general agenda laid out, it's time to dig into the details. If you are proposing to a crier, bring tissue and make sure you have plenty of privacy. If you expect your new fiancé to spend an hour on the phone calling friends and family, give yourself something to do to during this time. Above all, make sure you plan a post-proposal celebration. Have something special planned for after the "yes," like a romantic walk or a bottle of champagne.

Expect the unexpected

Guess what? Sometimes it rains, dinner gets burned, or your partner works late and fouls up the entire plan. Whatever happens, remember that things don't have to go perfect for it to be the perfect proposal. Just roll with it, have a sense of humor and don't take anything too seriously. Sometimes unexpected events and fouled up plans turn out to be the most memorable part of your engagement and will be the best part of the story 20 year from now.

Here are the three
biggest mistakes to avoid.

Not knowing the answer

This is the single biggest mistake that a proposer can make. If you have not floated this idea by your boo, you are not ready to pop the question. There are subtle ways to bring up the likelihood of marriage without totally tipping off that you are ready to pull the trigger. Casual conversations about your retirement dreams, plans for a family and career goals are all good indicators as to whether or not you both see this relationship as "the one".

Turning your proposal
into a public performance

We are not sure when or why this trend started, but it is rarely a wise idea to propose in front of a crowd of on-lookers. Unless you are a particularly skilled public speaker and your partner loves to be stared at by strangers, public proposals usually turn out awkward rather than awesome. This is a personal moment that you want to make special and memorable, so why share it with dispassionate gawkers that you will never see again? If you choose to have an audience, make sure it's close friends and family who will cherish your display of love as much as the two of you will.

Failing to get the family's buy in

We're not saying you're necessarily required to "ask for your partner's hand" - but it is very important to know how both families will react when they hear the news. The excitement, and possibly the acceptance, could hinge on the family's reaction. Ask yourself - does the family know you, or are you just "a friend" they have only heard about or met once? Do they know the relationship is serious? If you are still a stranger to the family, it's a good idea to reach out and have a heartfelt conversation with parents, siblings, and friends. The gesture will show your commitment to the family and everyone's family. If you want make the proposal a surprise, make sure they keep it a secret and give them your timeline for the proposal so they don't accidentally blow it.

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